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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 May 31, 2013 10:48 PM Flag

    Why do "They" care? Why do "They" post here?

    Because they want to scare you into selling your shares!!!! Think about it: incessant absurd lies about the Company, its personnel & about the prospects of NeuVax. Constant beating of the 'dilution' drum even when no such significant event is occurring.... Perpetual fabrications about pending bankruptcy when that notion is totally far-fetched. Ask yourself: "Do those seeking to undermine this Company and its stock really give a rat's behind about my personal welfare?" Of course "NO WAY!" Then why would anyone here who is Long or who is thinking about buying shares of Galena - why would you ever, ever, ever bother to give credence to the idiotics of the Bashers? They are here, posting at the Board, not as a "public service," but in selfish efforts to cause chaos, disruptions, create volatility and to ultimately STEAL YOUR SHARES at the lowest possible price!!!! Beware and Never Follow Their Lead.... Respectfully, Dan

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    • Why even read them IGNORE ASAP. The GALE AFTERHOURS BIZ clown hit again and I didn't even read it just IGNORED IT. Don't give them the satisfaction of even being read. Don't know how many i.d.,s he has but it takes time to make them and 1 push to get him off the board. Thinking about buying 3k more putting a buy order at 2.30 pps it might dip a nickel and they are mine. Later guys TELLY

    • Excellent questions and answers!

    • Dan ... I totally agree with you ... great post.
      Here is my view ... these lies are coming from paid bashers.
      Professionals in lowering pps for a specific purpose.
      I dont believe these guys are simple shorts with a few dollars.
      This looks like there is a much bigger picture which is about to come into view.
      If the company is under considertion for a take over or purchase then this is how its done.
      Lower its share price and at the same time lessen share holders.
      Especially since P3 is coming to completion.
      I have experienced this before where the pps constantly under attack ands with a purchase or takeover.

      I believe this is a sign of good things to come.
      I am long and am not selling my shares ... I will wat.
      Good luck to you and all longs.

    • Hey Dan, I don't believe that I've seen the bashing as bad and as obvious as it was yesterday. "They" (the Bashers) will crawl back into their holes now that it is the weekend and will emerge on Monday morning with more of the absurd lies. It would be interesting to learn exactly who is coordinating the attack. Regards

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