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  • gene4346 gene4346 Jul 10, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    Why The Sell-Off???

    Is it because all of the chikenshts who put in stops at $1.95 - $2.00?

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    • There goes your theory.

      This thing is going to sub-$1.00, then reverse split a few times followed by de-listing and finally insolvency.

      Get your money out while you can. The markets are clearly trying to tell you something here.

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    • Why the sell off?
      I think too many idiots like Stockwatcher hold these shares. When other investors read his/similar messages they run away. This guy must be watching this board 24 hours. He blames everybody, including the sun and the moon and of course the bashers when it goes down. It is a market idiot, stocks go up and they go down, based on demand and supply, just like in the fish market!
      I trimmed 50% of my holdings in GALE today. I do not see a near term catalyst (unless there is a surprise deal or something) here and there is plenty of time to get back at lower levels I think. What bothers me is that in spite of all the conferences GALE attended, the attendance has not helped it increase the awareness of the company or the share value.
      This is the most unpleasant board I have ever visited because it is frequented by mostly idiots like the watcher who do not have any value to add but just go after each other. .

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      • - There are plenty of people on this board, particularly Dan, who know a lot about the science of the company. And I have benefitted from reading their posts. But, other than you, and possibly a couple others, I don't think most the people on this board have a clue about how the market works. They are unable to separate the company from the stock price.
        - I still believe in the company, the management, and the science. I still hold GALE and will be adding on price declines. I look at the shelf offering as insuring financing for the company thru market. Nothing about GALE has changed for me but the price, and I expected that.
        - I warned people the price would likely take a hit when the S-3 Shelf was approved. NO one listened. I was told I didn't understand how to read an S-3, and called a basher. Too bad they didn't learn anything from reading my posts. But their minds were closed. I can bump the posts if anyone doubts it. Believe me, I'm showing great restraint by not doing so and rubbing it in their faces.
        - All anyone would have to do is look at a chart of GALE's price from the end of May, when the S-3's were filed, until now to figure this out.

        How WRONG you are, Spaghetti: danindenver33 • May 27, 2013 7:55 PM
        Spagetti Has an Agenda ...stock_fanthom • May 27, 2013 8:22 PM

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    • Go to the GENE board, now that's a company with a future ...

    • There is absolutely no justifiable reason (no bad news from the company) to have such a sharp drop.

      Speculator panic plus stop-loss mechanism caused a domino effect.

      Rejection, Snake oil, terrible side effects, chapter 11 have been circulating for months. None of those toxic forecast came to fruition and none will happen!

      No double the shorts and bashers are celebrating tonight, only to be slaughtered by Q4, 2013!

    • No it isn't , its because its a data mined snake oil drug that will never make it .. Just look at the institutional interest , barely any whatsoever .. That's ALL you need to know ..

    • You could be right.

      My view is that the speculators were hoping that Gale will announce some good new this morning and Gale's share price would pop. They were counting on this to happen and make some fast money.

      Unfortunately Gale seldom announce corporate or clinical results in such a conference, if past behavioral pattern is any guide.

      Nevertheless, disappointment on overly high hopes fuelled by greed force these speculators to bail out.

      With no bad news, this kind of selling is not justified, of course. And the number of toxic messages (totally unsubstantiated) did not help either. They and their pay masters will likely celebrate tonight.

      Gale's share price will rise back to around $2.15 within a week or so.

      Buy and hold will continue to be the best strategy IMHO.

    • i think it was a mini bear raid, it will recover, but sure took out alot of stops. why do people use them to start with? to each his own. good time for a BA-BA-BA-BUYOUT! BOOM SHAKALAKA. I AIN'T SELLING. I CAN HANDLE IT!

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      • Mini bear raid?

        You've dropped from over $3 to $1.95 in no times...that's no bear raid. That's a quick 35% haircut.

        This is smart money taking bets of a rejection letter. relative soon. I wouldn't bet against the herd because the odds of success are undeniably stacked against you.

        I have no opinion of this stock (sold it 7-8 months ago). Just a spectator waiting to see the season finale, whenever it arrives.

        The people (brokers/hedge funds) change but the game (manipulation/signs) stay the same.

    • Exactly gene .... exactly what happened last time.

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