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  • mmazza333 mmazza333 Aug 9, 2013 8:12 PM Flag

    Adam Feurestein makes me a little nervous,,,

    Why is he(Adam) so negative about GALE, and how can GALE have all the buy ratings at the same time.
    Someone has to be wrong,,,,why isn't there at least one (analyst) firm with a sell rating? Does Adam
    have information not available to the rest of us.....or analyst who all have buy ratings on GALE...
    This discrepency makes me nervous,,,,,not enough to sell, but nervous non the less....

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    • The guy has a degree in Political Science! Listening to this guy about a Biotech stock would be like listening to a plumber about your cardiovascular concerns! The only thing this guy is good for is running his mouth off like a politician to get noticed.....goes hand in hand with his education!

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      • I have read the credentials of some of the analysts. They have degrees in pharma. in chemistry and some are even retired M.D.s A.F. simply is a want a be journalist that works for an admitted #$%$. Cramer described a scheme to short stocks on CNBC one day involving relatively little money and a few friends running small hedge funds. The interviewer asked "well. is that legal? " Cramers says, "barely, maybe." That is all I need to know. A special protocol is only giving to drugs that have a good chance for approval. 10 good analysts, TEVA and LEICA have faith in GALE. That says all I need to hear about Mr. A.F.

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    • Fartstein failed his mother's Jewish ambitions of his becoming a Lawyer or a Doctor (she would have settled for a dentist).... BTW, to the best of my knowledge, the character remains under investigation (for stock manipulations) by the SEC. As for SCIENCE? He's antithetical the Scientific Method. To "predict" the failures of attempted pharma breakthrough progress/success is not (statistically) difficult. However, as with all stats, there always exists (and shall always exist) the EXCEPTIONS to the general rule of emerging pharma failures. Fartstein has done a MISERABLE job of pointing or directing towards the statistically less-likely, infrequent SUCCESSFUL pharma, choosing instead to remain the Miserable, Doctor wanna-be who failed his Jewish Mama!

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      • Dan –
        I am giving you a pass on this post because I believe you are well meaning. I must let you know that I was disappointed in your references to Adam F.’s Jewish background and the sweeping generalizations about Jewish mothers aspirations for their children to be doctors or lawyers or to a less degree dentists. Adam F. is a #$%$' and that transcends any race, color or religion.I am Jewish as is my wife and we have 3 children. We have always encouraged our children to be anything they would like to be. We tried to raise them to be thoughtful, caring and kind individuals. My middle son chose to pursue Jazz performance on Tenor Saxophone. He is an extremely bright and talented young man who was accepted to the most elite music conservatory for Jazz in the country. We knew that this path would be extremely difficult and probably not very rewarding monetarily. When our other son passed away at 19 he left the conservatory and came back home for 2 reasons. We were all reeling from this nightmare that was now our reality. We desperately needed eachother’s love and support to get through. Secondly, he decided he wanted to study biochemistry and go med school. He wanted to make a difference in others lives, feeling that his brother's situation was handled poorly by those trusted with his medical care. . As it turns out he graduated dental school and is now doing his internship. Are we proud of him ? Very definitely yes - not because we forced a career path down his throat so that we could gloat about 'our son the doctor'. I am proud of him because he has grown into thoughtful, caring and kind young man. He has traveled to various hell holes throughout the world to donate his time and efforts to provide free dental care to those who lack access or the money to get it. I am just grateful that when he was growing up we taught him some important values and lessons by our example about things that truly matter in life and what it means to be a human being.

    • He gets paid to spread FUD. It's as simple as that.

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    • Your an idiot.........That is all.

    • he is a powerless little man ask his boyfriend

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