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  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Aug 26, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Been gone a week and then bam up it goes.

    Don't see any real news, am I missing something? The EU was known last week and we got no response at first. This pop can't be attributed to just that news.

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    • I agree. It should have popped a little ut not like this. looks like a pump and dump . happens with many of these lower priced stocks. they take it up by pumping it, using multiple 'pumping' ID's and then when the interest starts waning, they use different ID's to dump it. Who knows how high this will go, but I Guarantee you it will come crashing back down. The company will need cash by end of year, so I will wait until I see the share price the lenders get it at, before possibly jumping in.
      Now watch all the pumpers fall over themselves, replying to this msg and trying to justify the pump. so predicable these days. yawn

    • how was the vacation lukb? Things really heated up since you left, has a little to do about a couple of SA articles you may want to read

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