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  • sarathsathkumara sarathsathkumara Sep 13, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    It is costly for a small company to market a single product

    I completely sold out of this stock 3 months ago as they were getting ready market Astral alone. I did not see a near term catalyst for GALE either. It is costly for a small company to market a product alone. The example are everywhere, DEPO, AMRN, DNDN....
    Where is the dog (stockwatcher) who used to guard this stock reassuring everybody that there will not be any dilution?

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    • Yet, three months later, here you are and you can't even spell Abstral. Hilarious.

    • Obviously the dilution was very frustrating but I agree w the long term investing approach. For long term Gale shareholders, I believe we had to take 1 step back yesterday in order for Galena as a company to move several steps forward (as well as long term Gale shareholders) throughout the next year and beyond. The company needed to dilute shares to generate cash for their upcoming astral launch which will help benefit many other future catalyst, including Neuvax and the business relationships with the doctors that will be prescribing it. Within a year, everyone will recognize the importance of this phase and how enormously critical it was to complete for Galena's future pipeline and success.

    • ez1954 Sep 14, 2013 3:48 AM Flag

      lets wait and see if INO really turns out to be a better bet

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      • Ez
        I mentioned INO here in July when the stock was 1.40. Now it is 2.35
        Even for Neuvax there is no reason for gale to reinvent the wheel. They can cut a deal with a large Pharma co who has mktg, dist, production in place and then collect royalties. That is what smart companies do. DNDN and AMRN both are supposed to have mega products, they built organizations, and see what appended to the stock price. Abstral sales are going to be small NeuVax is 3 years away. In the meantime gale could bleed because they will be supporting one product with limited sales.
        I hope I am wrong and your are right. I want gale to succeed.

    • There are 2 reason to market Astral one is for the profit, but maybe even more important it to develop a sales and distribution network for Newvax and other products GALE is developing. I invest for long term.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Abstral will sell itself. Best breed out there for cancer breakthrough pain.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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