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  • stockwatcher888 stockwatcher888 Oct 24, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    This is how I look at Gale

    Like most investors, I assess Gale based on four important aspects of the company.

    (1) The biotechology: Gale has NeuVax which is at Phase 3 with SAP, Phase 2b (NeuVax+Herceptin). The likelihood of getting FDA approval is very high based on known safety profiles, high effective rates and very low side effects. We have Folate Binding Protein.

    (2) Markets: When FDA approves NeuVax (patented) the market is huge and it can move Gale reaching $4.0 billion sale company. Abstral should generate revenue reaching $60 millions.

    (3) Finance: Revenue from Abstral, according to most experts, should be able to finance clinical trials of NeuVax and FBP beyond 2015. As a result, dilution would not be needed.

    (4) Management: I have followed Gale for over 2 years and this is the weakest aspect of the company. While the CEO concentrate most of his energy in developing NeuVax, he has not earn my confidence. Because, I have not found strong evidence that he cares for his shareholders, especially when he draws $1.0 million annual salary. I have followed all of his presentations on medical or financial conferences, and frankly, I am not impressed. He is either not willing or not capable in advancing shareholder interests. I have seen several CEOs on different drug developmental companies who handle pure speculators and stock manipulators very well and hence the price movements of these companies are a lot less volatile than what Gale has been experiencing. Good and positive PRs from Gale to keep investors well informed on the positive aspects have been non-existent. Investors perceive Gale as risky primarily because of weak management. There is much room for improvement! Management can buy a good number of Gale shares and that should dispel a lot of negative attacks and put the speculators and stock manipulators to "you know where"!


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