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  • carlwilliams_2001 carlwilliams_2001 Oct 29, 2013 12:12 AM Flag

    Just a thought

    Someone posted that gale might have had sellers recently.
    When a stock declines in share price - obviously someone is selling.
    BUT for every share sold - there is a share bought
    There are bulls here who are buying. I am one.
    What makes anyone here think the sellers are smarter than the buyers ?
    Galena might not work out -
    Who on the Titanic every thought that it would sink?
    Bad things happen - but when one can minimize risk in situations that can
    offer large rewards - they often make very large profits. gale is a text
    book example of this.
    If one is going to invest in stocks - they have to realize there are
    ebbs and flows in the markets. Stocks decline for many reasons - and
    often these declines represent great opportunities.
    If stocks sold at their fair value all the time - who could make money
    in the market ? Only those large investors who buy Coke or General
    Electric and they gain their 5% appreciation when you annualize the
    returns (some poor years and some good years) - but Coke and GE will
    be here for almost eternity with a very limited return to investors.
    Some small cap stock will not be here in the next decade - some will fail
    and some will be acquired by the larger companies in their field, and those
    who are acquired, in many situations, will make their shareholders rich.
    I have friends who are losing money in gale and I have friends who are
    profitable, but angry and frustrated that they have given back a good
    percentage of their profit.
    I am getting a bit sick of defending gale - The company is working 24/7
    to build value and (in my estimation) everything they have done is on time (or ahead of time) - on budget - and is
    building tremendous value into the company and that extends to the stock.
    This will reflect in increase share price - it always does.
    Should I elaborate. For those who concur with my views - it is not necessary.
    For those who oppose - nothing will change their minds.
    GALE is a winner and soon-

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