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  • gene4346 gene4346 Dec 1, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    Charts Do Not Apply To GALE

    It's just that simple..............charts do not apply to small biotech's such as GALE. GALE's future pps will be driven by news, trial updates, investor presentations, institutional investors, etc......and unfortunately MM's, shorts, etc..... GLTA GALE longs and hold, hold, hold.................

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    • I use the weather network and they're calling for GALE force winds for the next few days.

    • What are you smoking? Of course charts apply to any pps

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    • This can easily become the next ACAD. $2 to $20 in a flash. Here's hoping for a pullback. Already sold naked puts on this the past 7 days lowering my entry point.

    • charts DO apply to gale....
      price action is KING... and right now, price action is saying up, up and away...
      respect the chart.. whenever it tells you its time to sell do not be shy to sell..

      like i like to say...
      trees do not grow to the sky....
      and they also, dont go down to hell..

      just remember
      BULLS make money....
      (surprise to some on the board) BEARS make money....
      PIGS always get slaughtered..

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    • Many investment experts have studied the usefulness of Charts in predicting share price movements. What they have found, even with stable large cap corporations, charts are only accurate 20% of the time.

      With small cap biotechs or biopharmas, charts may be accurate 5% to 10% of the time in predicting their future share price movements.

      Thorough DD on the science of the developmental drug, the market potential of that drug, the financial health of that company and the management are much better indicators on the value and future price of that biotech.

      Funny, bashers never get into the verifiable facts of the above. All one can see are those one-line empty proclamations designed to scare investors to sell their holdings at lower prices.


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      • hey buddy....
        charts do not work with LARGE caps as well because they have fundamentals.. that are tied to macro economic events, politics, global economy, and other factors such as hedge funds driving prices either UP or DOWN.. nothing evil, just means they are buying or selling...

        charts DO apply to small caps with NO fundamentals... why? because people are just speculating... in fact the chart is the only thing that matters with #$%$ companies.. we do not have to worry about whats going on with china, GDP, or anything of the sort because the #$%$ companies have NO fundamentals..

        Not the case with ABSTRAL.. gales is gaining momentum because people want these shares for the potential of ABSTRAL.. and NEUVAX...

        what if the chart tells you the stock is going sideways for an extended time period? well.. i guess that depends on investing style.. but reality is .. if that were to happen, the truth is that the stock is not going up for that period of time its going sideways..

        good luck to all longs.. i think the stock will continue to rise...

        I'm long but not in love..


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    • 100% absolutely correct !!! Want to apply charts? Do so on: GE, F, MSFT, CHKP, - you get the picture!

    • Agree.

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