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  • bluedog1987 bluedog1987 Jun 12, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

    Full enrollment in phase 3 trials of NeuVax

    Can someone tell me why getting the full 700 people enrolled in the trial will cause the stock price to rocket? Are some sort of initial findings released on effectiveness once this enrollment threshold is reached? Thanks.


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    • Fraud pumper at work. Got Gale? …time to sell!

    • lets don't forget the revenue from the sublingual fentanyl .

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    • For one, there is a significant cost associated with each new addition made to the program. Once the full 700 people are in place, the cash burn will decrease significantly. puts GALE that much closer to the end of the trial....another stake in the ground.

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      • IMO I strongly believe we get significant news this month. June 25th and 27th management will give beaten down shareholders reason to be excited again. They will not go into shareholders meeting without something positive and pps below $4 a share. This is my opinion others may disagree. I am bullish baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Neutral observers and investors - compare and contrast this informed and polite commentary with the gutter snipings and inane ramblings of the people who have nothing but nasty things to say about Gale. Most of them untrue. This contrast was one of the first indicators I had that Gale was in fact, a GEM.

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    • Blue: This NeuVax, Phase III (PRESENT) Clinical Trial represents (to the best of my knowledge) the Largest, the Most Progressed, the Most Advanced, ADJUVANT setting Immune Therapy Vaccine clinical study of our times. The Ramifications of this potentially positive study are, in Many respects, HUGE - beyond comprehension. ALSO, keep in mind the nature of the 78% reduction in recurrence rates already documented (during Phase II of NeuVax trials) and the Very Real possibility of NeuVax success being realized through Phase III Trials. The patient pathology specificity of these Phase III protocols, along with dosing parameters AND with consideration for the overwhelming SAFE nature of this Vaccine - these are but a few of the Very Significant Elements that can potentially translate into a True Blockbuster designation for Galena. As the World, as the Oncologists, as Medicine and Science in general, and as the Investing Public become increasingly aware of where NeuVax is possibly heading - the "Fully Enrolled" NeuVax Phase III announcement is capable of generating significant impact upon GALE shares. Maybe a somewhat slow reaction at first, but this whole NeuVax matter could also ignite into a Powerful Force! BTW, Yes, I am long these shares, and Yes, I've been accumulating GALE since May, 2012, and Yes, my personal cost basis for my shares is under $2. Dan

    • The most expensive part of the NeuVax study is getting all 700 patience all enrolled in the trial ...... Once that is done the company will no longer have to put huge sums of money into the trial ......Either this coming quarter or the following quarter there will be a big decline in the cash burn rate ....... In 2014 GALE will be showing a profit because of this ..........

    • just a guess. completing enrollment is a major milestone in clinical trial. many times it's very difficult to get the desired/design targets. not sure if it's the case here.

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      • That is very very so true. You are correct. And to add further it defines the last date in which the study will start the 18-24 month countdown to possible reoccurrence that these patients could face.
        I would like to see the 70 the reoccurrence soon a stop of the clinical trial and all participants placed on the booster. A whole lot of lives are depending on NeuVax to work which we know does but we need the 70 the reoccurrence to arrive or FDA can not rule.

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