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  • outhouse421 outhouse421 Jul 2, 2014 10:15 AM Flag

    S0, I am in NYC walking on Wall St and see GALE with 12 Pack of Toilet Paper and ask where you going


    ........replies I am looking for danindenver's House because I am going to take a Huge DUMP today and hear dan holds 250K shares. I point her in direction of Kennedy Airport and off she goes. I tell ther also to hurry up because this guy ioannidesconstantinioannides is about to sue him for FRAUD and will have nothing left.
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    This topic is deleted.
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    • And the irony is all three are you chump. This creating good versus evil, long vs short krap you attempt is sooooo obvious, so last millenium when people thought mb's were for decent content and dialogue. But bottom feeders like you have made them nothing more than a cess pool for losers to dump their toxic spew and talk to themselves via their multiple aliases, hoping somebody comes by stupid enough to read and believe your diatribe.

      See freak, what you can't comprehend due your alcohol fuelled damaged brain is 4, 6 12 people don't spend their lives on a nothing mg of a nothing stock. Just YOU hot shot and all your variations of your loser self.

      Oh freak, when's Danindenver coming back from his Mexico vacation that you caught big time in a lie about?

      Lord, what a disgusting wretched mess you are.

    • Suck it - Hard!

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