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  • danindenver33 danindenver33 Aug 14, 2014 7:52 AM Flag

    Further CAUTION

    The outright Lies, exaggerations, deceit, and mis-directions of the Bashers are, by large measure, far worse than any doubt created by management. Bashers' ULTERIOR MOTIVES are singularly focused upon manipulative efforts resulting in you selling your shares, thus allowing certain market interests to accumulate shares at the lowest possible prices. Plain and simple, they're Lying Cheats! Nothing more than calculated manipulations!!! Dan

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    • Like you are any better. A constant pumper along with simon and orchid, your jock boys. At least the idiot bashers are bashing for good reason. Your management team sucks and don't seem to be above board. They don't even attempt to pound the hell out of the ones making the accusations which has to make one wonder.

    • Dan, i was in ARNA the day before the FDA panel review and Fuerstein came out, guaranteeing that Lorcaserin would be declined by the FDA.. and PPS felll 50%, t Then next day he day of the FDA panel guess what? Lorcaserin was approved and Fuerstein's guarantees were nothig but intentional lies and deceit and 'intent to defraud, investers, imo, . you cannot guarantee an event and be wrong and still work in that same occupation…..not unless the organization that hires you is in on the fraud, imo

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The Adam Feuerstein was a "pure manipulator" working for his boss Jim Cramer. Here is how it works. He was betting that by being totally negative on a stock like ARNA, he can push the price down and he bought when ARNA dropped by 50%. As soon as Lorcaserin received approval and the price went up, he and his boss Jim Cramer sold.

        The problem is that they used their lies to influence the price movement and stole other investors' money. It is amazing how these criminal got away with murder!

    • Dan I remember you were a broker....who are these bashers on this board and do they get pd by whom? i monitor a few boards on stocks I own on several and Gale' s has the most bashers.

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