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  • jbj3stoo jbj3stoo Feb 21, 2000 7:13 AM Flag

    DRIP price

    I finally got my DRIP in my account at
    investorline last week, the week of continuous sub $11 TRP and
    found the # of shares low, calculated the buy price at
    $11.58 and got this for a response...

    The price
    used for dividend reinvestment is determined by the
    Agent. We have no say in the matter. It is possible that
    the price of
    $11.58 was based on an earlier record
    date, probably from the previous
    month. If you need
    to look into this further, you will have to contact
    transfer agent.

    Now I watch this thing like a hawk
    and the price of TRP was $11.60 and higher for about
    twenty minutes after the div distribution date.
    bad the transfer agent's speed of mailing the shares
    didn't match the speed of the



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    • Yes you are right about crystalizing my TRP loss.
      I will be waiting for the Monday budget to see what
      I do. I feel better about the market after it did
      so well today. TRP did well it did not go down like
      28 of the DOW stocks did.

    • I agree on TRP. It is a once in a lifetime buying
      opportunity. Something like Inco in September 1998.
      Unfortunately I bought very little of it around those levels
      since I was cash poor. I do not take it personally ,
      but I like being understood with my views. I think
      the Warren Buffet way is the best. Buy and hold for
      the long term. I have done switchs. I have sold and
      put some of the money into my mortgage. Most of the
      stocks I sold have done better than where I moved my
      money. I can only say that two of my stocks that I sold
      have gone down. BNS and NSH. The other ones I sold are
      higher today than when I sold. Live and learn. Having

    • on TRP before putting it into your RRSP. Use the
      loss against future or past capital gains. If you just
      roll it in, you get credit for the reduced amount and
      you pay on the full hit of the gain when you cash out
      of your RRSP.There
      "is" going to be a future gain
      and it will be sizable.
      What do you make of the
      huge volume. 'Almost 3.5 million shares on the TSE
      alone! There was continually a bid of 999 lots of 100
      (the max I believe) listed. Someone is building a
      sizeable stake.
      I'm 'down to $13.40 per share but
      have also bumped up my holdings. You are very right
      about the danger of trying to average down at this time
      by trading your position. One morning it's going to
      $11, the next day $12, then $13 and $14. Then some
      recognized money manager is going to step up ato the podium
      to declare their 10% stake and it'll be game over
      for anyone new looking to get in on a 5 1/2% plus

    • The 20% limit is nonsense, I REALLY hope that the
      fed's wake up to this and stop trying socialist doctrum
      on us. I have consistently outperformed my CDN
      holdings with that limits for the last 3 years. I also
      know that this is simply a phase and will return to
      CDN stocks for aggressive growth when the time is
      right. While it is true that we have had the blessings
      of NT, BCE, RIM and many others the pool is BIGGER
      outside and thus provides less risk. I hope your 'wished
      for' changes do happen.

      As for TRP, I maintain
      that this is one of those 'once in a lifetime'
      opportunities. We can all look back in history and say; "gee, if
      I only was born then". Well, 'then' is NOW and all
      I am reading is those who are complaining about a
      depressed stock price and a CEO who has had no more control
      over it, than you or I. I hope that some
      lurkers/posters take head and look at the BIG PICTURE before they
      come to conclusions too fast. I am reading the same
      about BCE's new move these days. Man, sometimes I think
      all the real investors have left the boards

      Anyway, don't take my post so personally, crusin ... I
      simply meant that you are hard to understand fully based
      solely on your postings on various boards. Perhaps I
      should have better stated I have a hard time
      understanding posters like yourself.

      Regards, Schmeng

    • Yesterday on C-Span there were hearings on U.S.
      energy independence. There were several strategies
      discussed, including the use of natural gas as a partial
      substitute for oil products. I think that with the present
      crisis of the crude oil shortage we will see a new
      administration in Washington develop a better long-term plan for
      energy development and conservation. Because of this I
      expect that natural gas stocks will do very well over
      the next several years. This hearing prompted me to
      buy TRP today. I have been accumulating gas stocks
      for some time because I see this clean burning fuel
      as a partial answer to some of our energy needs. In
      the mean time I can enjoy the nice dividend.

    • "I just don't know what to make of you. You post
      differently on different boards. I am puzzled". I hope you
      think I am consistent. I am over weight in two sectors
      that are down a lot. TRP may be down a lot from my
      purchase price however it is really a very small segment
      of my portfolio. I know how to fix my portfolio but
      it may take until later in the year to fix things
      up. I am hoping for good news on foreign content in
      the federal budget on Monday. If there is not a
      significant change in foreign content in RSPs I know what I
      intend to do. I would like the foreign content
      restriction removed. If it is not removed I would like it
      raised immediately to 30%. If I do not get either I
      would have to settle for an increase to 30% with a 2%
      increase each of the next five years. I know what I intend
      to do under each case. Case 1 Nothing. Case 2 and 3
      Move my Canadian stocks into my RSP and remove the
      foreign content stocks. I do not really want to move TRP
      into my RSP but if the rules are not changed for FC
      then I must do this to lower my tax penalty. Hopefully
      this clarifies my views on where I am going. I will
      probably add my 2 cents worth on the weekend. Have a good

    • to make of you. You post differently on different
      boards. I am puzzled.

      I would tend to agree with
      your views on short term pricing concerning TRP. But I
      still feel that it is getting into the noise territory.
      TRP is a long term buy. A place to park capital for
      those interested in long term (5 years +) growth. In
      the current market, filled with momentum players, I
      would simply say ... YAWN!

      To anyone with a
      diversified portfolio, these times are MORE than interesting,
      they are a BARGAIN!!! I only wish I had a chance to
      chat with those who were players in the 'roaring'
      20's. I think they would sense SOME similarity here.
      Those days influenced the governments enough to set up
      regulatory bodies (SEC in the US and OSC in Canada) to help
      safeguard they system. That is why I see most funds and
      indices as underperformers. The only problem is, they
      NEVER would have seen the oncoming of SDRSP's, 401K's,
      online trading, etc.. So? What do I make of this? A
      bargain for hunters. I will still buy on the forefront,
      but take my profits into gems like this. I do not
      need to show some boss a return by year end. I am not
      a fund manager under stress. I am simply a small
      time, retail investor, looking for some long term

      To you (or anyone lurking & reading this message), I
      wish the best of luck investing. Most of the posts I
      am reading nowadays appear to be based on gambling
      more than investing anyway, so perhaps luck is what
      they need most. It would be interesting to come back
      here in, say about 2 years, and gather all those who
      post so boldly about what a sour company TRP is. Ah
      then, this would not be an anonymous message board,
      would it? It would be more to the like of REAL
      accountability. Perhaps what we need are free, non-anonymous
      boards? Along with the necessary safeguards to protect
      the contributors from damages.


    • The insanity will end at some point in time. All
      stocks correct at some point in time. My father bought
      my brothers stock for $2.50 sometime in 1998. Last
      weekend Dad made up his mind to sell at a price. It went
      through his price level on Monday. If nothing changed he
      cleared out. I am happy for him. The stock is now below
      the selling price. He did not have around 5000
      shares. Unfortunely I got him in NVA about two years ago
      before the merger and spin-off. Sometimes you win and
      sometime you lose. COUNT YOUR LOSERS. You have to be happy
      with what you make. I am happy to collect dividends
      and see my money double every 5 years.

    • It will not take 13-14 years for it to get back into the 13-15 dollars range. About 12-15 months. Good for you.

    • I hope you are right but.....
      Let me tell you
      about a company called Wilan WIN.TO
      I was in
      Saskatoon on February 17 and a fellow over coffee told me
      about how his son had convinced him to put $10,000 into
      this company called Wilan at $2 per, and that it had
      done very well for him (he is 60+ years old and not
      one to be in a position to take a flyer), and was $32
      Cdn the last time he checked. By the time I got home
      to check the stock out it was over $65 heading north
      to close at $70.40 today. High tech, internet, e
      commerce....that is where the action is. And WIN ( aptly named for
      those in on the IPO) makes the negative sum of 24 cents
      a share. Go figure. How much longer is this
      insanity going to last?

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