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  • mediocrates_logic mediocrates_logic Nov 10, 2004 8:56 PM Flag

    Starbucks market cap

    How is it possible that a coffee pruveyor can have a market cap of $22 billion and a highly technological company with greater profits can have a market cap of only $18 billion? This should tell you something about how out of whack the stock market is.

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    • Over the long term we know the market is a giant mechanism which transfers wealth from the unwise, greedy mob, to the patient, wise investor. Over short periods of time, even some of the stupid mob can make money in the bubble stocks, but unless they grow wise before the bubbles break, they will return all their gains plus some to the real investors.

      I have bought 1 cup of Starbuck's coffee in my whole life...what a disappointment compared to the local diner's reasonably priced brew. Plus you have to stand in line and listen to the yuppie babble. I'll never understand wasting money on a simple commodity just to be fashionable.

      But, of course, this is just another example proving that America's real strength is in marketing. We can truly sell ice to Eskimos....or coffee to yuppies.

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