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  • McMEM McMEM Dec 15, 2005 8:55 PM Flag

    NYTimes wants to cut NOC $

    From the editorial in New York Times (12/15/2005):

    "Much of the astounding 41% increase in military spending over the past five years has gone toward hugely expensive air and sea combat systems - and this in an era when America's toughest battles are being fought on land against foes that have no known air force or navy."

    "...But war with China is a remote, unlikely and avoidable contingency. It should not dominate current military spending - especially if China is simply being used as an excuse to justify expensive equipment the Pentagon wants to buy. Given the huge lead the United States now holds in air and sea technology, the Navy and Air Force can be re-equipped with everything they really need at a more realistic and affordable pace."

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    • That is actually very good news.
      The Times, in all things political & military, is a CONTRARY indicator.
      The DOD is very worried about that huge Naval buildup in China.
      The Military in China controls(owns) 50% of the economy and could become very AGGRESSIVE.
      Not only do we need a Strong Navy as a counterbalance, but, with 60% of our Oil shipped on the high seas, we must protect the shipping lanes that FEED our economy.
      Speaks volumes about finding alternative sources of energy.
      A BUILDUP should be expected...with all due respect to the paper warriors at the N.Y.Times editorial staff.

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