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  • mad1vlad1 mad1vlad1 Apr 3, 2006 10:20 AM Flag

    Giving Guam to Japan

    What I wrote in the previous mssg is
    not negated by Japan's use or non-use of air
    superiority a/c other than the F4.
    It also does not change the fact that
    the US is NOT going to give Guam to Japan
    nor is the US going to cede military defense of the island to the Japanese.

    Rather than read sonmeone else's drivel,
    why not visit Japan and see the US occupation
    forces. There are bases everywhere. You
    will need a visitor's pass and an active
    duty sponsor to get on the base. After
    9/11, I suspect that a more rigorous checkup
    may be required. I have only been on
    the mainland, never to Oki.

    Besides, Oki was bought and paid for
    w/ American lives. Additionally, the
    talk of "giving Oki back to the Japanese"
    has been circulating since at least when
    I lived at Yokota AB in 69-71.


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