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  • auction_expert_the_guy auction_expert_the_guy Apr 18, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

    HAL MIGHT go to $100, but NOC $200.00.


    Take that to the bank

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    • hush....don't tell the Left the truth, let them continue to run their game plan from the 1920's.

    • That approx. 70% of Americans are, now, owners, not renters, of their residence changes everything.

      That ole time religion of class warfare won't work.

      The motto for today's average American is don't raise my taxes...cut'em.

      In New York City, the transit union boss is in jail and a Democrat has not been elected Mayor since 1989.

      $3.00 Gasoline and the Iraqi war, may temporarily, camoflage the major trend that: Americans are more conservative than a generation ago... and... the aging demographic accentuates this trend.

    • You love to refer to the "average" American. We know there is no just thing. Each person is unique, and their personal economic status runs the complete range from severe poverty to unbelievable wealth. The liberal approach of attempting to make everyone believe they are the "average" American and the Left will save them if only they "soak" the "other" guy is deceitful, and only serves to divide the country.

      It hasn't worked for the Dems since the Great Depression, and although I know the Left yearns for those good ole days, it will not work now.

      There are too many Americans who understand that game, and know that they are actually the "other" guy that the Left would soak.

      There is no "average" American. And to paraphase Lincoln, call a man a "common" man, and he will probably smack you in the mouth.

    • "I will take a free market everyday, because with economic feedom comes political freedom"

      Tell that to the Fallun Gong, chinese child slave labor camps, brutalized peasants in China.


      Interesting claims. I am not aware of any Chinese child slave labor camps.

      On the Falum Gong, who is/are funding this organization? If China holds a free election, and the Chinese vote for Hamas, are we better off?

    • 1. Aussie is doing fine.
      2. China invests her dollars strategically in energy projects outside of China and in nations America has declared off-limits: Sudan, Iran, Burma. Guess why. USA blocks sale of UNOCAL to China.

      For the rest, go read the RAND 2005 report.

    • >>In 2005, China ran up a $203 billion trade surplus with us, selling us seven times as much as she bought from us.

      Sorry, your data are wrong.

      1. In 2005, the trade # are $750B and $550B.
      2. Further, the $200B surplus is not real surplus. Most of them goes to Japan, S. Korea and US companies.

      Yes, the average Americans lose their jobs, but the Republicans are making big $.

    • jeez...get a grip.

    • What in my response did you find pessimistic??

      Also, I agree with you 100% about the radical Muslim threat.

    • Impressive, but, Wrong.

      Consumerism is the ideology of the 21st Century.
      The pursuit of pleasure and materialism are centric to both CULTURES.(U.S. & China)

      Whatever leftover Maoist ideology is in power, today, will prove no match to the Handhelds, Laptops, Desktop Computers and Satellite Dishes that preach, day in day out, consumerism and show the Chinese how the other half live.
      In the Dept. Stores of Shanghai, Beijing , Ghangzhou, etc., the girls are lined up at the cosmetics counters and the boys in the computer depts.
      Modern day China does not have a military culture/heritage of feudal Japan & Prussian Germany.

      With time, with modern day communications and with a couch potato Middle Class, China will be fat, dumb and happy like us and supersize their meals at the Chinese equivalent of McDonalds.

      You are way too pessimistic.

      To me the real problem are the Muslims.
      A 12th Century religion where the faithful are summoned to prayer 5 times a day. No work ethic or productivity, 50% of the population virtually enslaved and a culture of victimization going back to the Crusades...willing to die the name of religion.

      Exported goods and Services, from China, will not kill us.

      Fanatical suicide with Nukes in the name of God is our enemy.

    • Let me terms of REAL goods and services...China sends us a lot of real stuff, and they get no real stuff in return...duh!

      Since they get nothing in return, the portion of their supposed growth due to trade with us, is imaginary...its all IOUs.

      Sounds similar to Japan on the 60-80's, and look what happened to them.

      Accumulating paper of another country does not give you real power, since the value of those IOU's depend on the future monetary policy of the other country.

      I will take a free market everyday, because with economic feedom comes political freedom.

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