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  • McMEM McMEM Apr 20, 2006 9:39 PM Flag

    No end In Sight...

    For starters they could set forth the SPECIFIC initiatives they would pass if they were to gain control. They should state exactly what they would do:
    1) In Iraq � Why fight a war that we cannot win?
    2) In keeping the bomb from Iran and N. Korea � PAC3 and satellites. Ask Japan and oil countries to pay for their shares.
    3) To create the "single payer, universal, free" health care plan they are always day dreaming of....and HOW TO PAY FOR IT � Tax the Republicans
    4) How they would secure our southern bourder, assuming they want to...or outline the liberal plan to open the US to ALL comers � Go after the employers.
    5) Specifiy how they will stop global warming, and what industries they plan to shut down to accomplish it � Tax the Republicans and oil companies.
    6) Explain how they will power autos with solar power and windmills � Tax the Republicans and oil companies.
    7) Give a date certain when Dems will stop taking money from lobbyists and unions � Outlaw Republican Party from giving $ to Republican congressmen and senators and judges to buy their votes.
    8) Give us their Constitutional Amendment for gay marriage � Whatever they do behind close door between consenting adults is not my buswax.
    9) Tell the truth about the income level at which their "soak the rich" tax plans will REALLY hit � Upper 10%.

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