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  • larrypopper larrypopper Jun 5, 2006 11:32 AM Flag

    2.5B contract and a tiny bump

    what is the problem? Is 2.5 billion dollars not a lot of money anymore?

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    • Look at this:

      BURLINGTON, ON--(MARKET WIRE)--May 3, 2006 -- Alternate Energy Corporation (OTC BB:ARGY.OB - News), the developer of an innovative technology for the production of hydrogen and select commodity chemical products, today announced the receipt of a "letter of interest" from BOM-Brasil ´┐Żleo de Mamona Ltda, a company that processes castor beans and is today a worldwide supplier of castor oil and other derivative products.

      AEC and BOM Brasil's management have been in general discussions with regard to the possible installation of an on-site AEC Bulk Hydrogen production facility next to BOM Brasil's operation in Bahia, Brasil -- the primary castor bean production area in the Americas. AEC's plant would supply bulk hydrogen to BOM at a significant reduction in cost to what they are currently paying for their 'trucked-in' hydrogen. In addition to potentially supplying BOM with low-cost, high-quality hydrogen, AEC's plant would also produce choice commodity chemical products for sale into world markets.

      Mr. Adrian Hanzi, Managing Director of BOM Brasil, stated, "We believe it to be of yours and our best interest to explore the opportunity to place similar plants in other locations." Mr. Hanzi commented further, "It is obvious there are many details to be worked out prior to entering into an acceptable agreement between our companies, but we are looking forward to moving this project ahead as soon as possible."

      Mr. Blaine Froats, CEO of AEC, said, "We are pleased to know that Mr. Hanzi of BOM Brasil is prepared to move this project ahead on a timely basis. The ball is now in our court, and we are already in the process of selecting a first-class engineering firm to facilitate the planning, design, project management and commissioning of the bulk hydrogen/commodity chemical plant on location in Brazil."

    • oh no, he's a dem now, I converted him, showed him the light, taught him that people are more important than money. I still like attacking terrorists even though i'm a dem, i just don't like 43 similarly to a lot of republicans. 43's not very bright and if the republicans elected him for a 2nd term after watching him in action for 4 years, then that just goes to show their I.Q.'s are on a similar plane to 43's. word to your mother.

    • lol...I'm sure your poor Daddy is proud of his little tyke.

    • Oh, I get it, HA HA!

    • i would have to say the same thing to you. I come from a republican family, so I would say that I am thinking for myself.

    • larry, you really need to learn to think for yourself.

    • Does it matter to you that your party is full of retarded short bus riders sqzr that are trying to destroy the world with war and green house gases?

    • "Extremely right. How much have you donated to Bush? Those who do will all ride the next wave up holding your shares."

      $50 before last election. I don't know if it helped or not. Of course, if I had been a Dem, that $50 would have bought 5 Florida winos for Kerry.

    • "..... in spite of alZarqawi's reported death today in Iraq.

      I guess there's no such thing as good news for poor George."


      Didn't cheneyhead shoot a lawyer?

    • I agree. The concept of core inflation, of course, is to try and smooth out the spikes (both up and down) that can occur in food and energy due to factors not related to the basic cause of inflation, that is, an over-supply of "money" in its various forms. Food and energy prices can be very erratic due to non-systematic forces like weather or political disruptions.

      So, the monetary authorities tend to focus on the general price level of those goods and services that they believe are affected in the long term by monetary policy.

      For the consumer, however, when the price of oranges or gasoline rise, they want to cry "inflation", when in most cases it was just frost in Florida, or sabre-rattling by some Iranian nutcase.

      The Feds belief in a feed-back loop that says rising inflation eventually will hurt the REAL economy seems well founded in historical data, and logic. Of course, there is near term pain when the Fed tightens in the desire to dampen future inflation. That is one reason their job is so tough. And they make it harder when they feel necessary to "comment" everyday.

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