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  • iraplanna iraplanna Sep 12, 2006 8:17 PM Flag

    To all neo-con wannabes...

    This would be addressed to sqzr, jojo dancer and anyone else of their ilk.

    Iran's political leader, our hand picked guy, good old what's his face, is in or will be in Iran soon to meet up with their political leader.

    One shi-ite meeting another, which is guaranteed to give us the she-its.

    What if the Iraqis, after 2,660+ GI deaths and anothere 20,000+ GI's wounded and maimed, decide to exercise their democratic prerogative and decide to align themselves with the theocratic Iran and declare themselves an islamic nation?

    What then?

    Will the decisionator stamp his cowboy booted foot?

    Will he call his dad above for vengenence?

    Just an aside...two border patrol agents are still facing twenty years in prison for their roles in appehending a drug smuggler along the Texas border.

    Apparently the POTUS and his Atty General are on the smuggler's payroll, at best, or Vincente Fox's, at worst.

    I say they are in cahoots with the smuggler or the Mexican govt because the smuggler was granted immunity for smuggling 730 lbs of contraband for his testimony against the two cops, and he was rearrested and granted immunity on a 2nd offense.

    This bandito, an illegal alien, also was brought back to the U.S. to have the bullet taken out of his @$$ on the taxpayers dime.

    So much for 43's committment to national security and the war on drugs, of which he was a user back in the days he was young and irresponsible.

    Why am I, the site liberal, the only one with my knickers in a twist over your @$$ Hole-in-chief's deportment?

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    • I didn't tout the voting rights act as the only act in the name of affirmative action taken by the congress.

      I did say there are many prejudicial acts being perpetrated on all sorts of people by all sorts of people, organizations, corporations and associations.

      Race, religion, sexual orientation are some examples of the "enlightened" doing the wrong thing, and laws having been enacted to set things right.

      These are the law of the land and they'll be on the books for a long time to come, like it or not.

      Your president is one of the biggest examples of being the beneficiary of affirmative action.

      He got a legacy scholarship to Yale on his father's and grandfather's good names. God knows he didn't have the academic record and grades to get in on his own and he takes great pride in a "C" student getting to be president. Maybe there's a lot more "C" students from less privileged backrounds waiting for a chnace too.

      Would you like to be known as the one to deny them access to an education?

    • Number one..I did read your post. And the Voting Rights Act has nothing to do with affirmative action. It was designed to eliminate STATE and LOCAL rules and procedures that prevented blacks from voting. Like all the good and valid early civil rights actions, it was aimed at governments, and based on the concept that GOVERNMENT should be color-blind.

      Affirmative Action insults this concept.

      As for you "busting my block"....I don't think ass holes are a protected class, so I know none of my neighbors, even the blacks, would sell to you. They are all too nice.

    • I'd like you to read my entire statement in regard to affirmative action.

      I said and I quote: As far as your straw man argument that I'm racist for suggesting 200+ years of apartheid has been undone with 40 years of a voting act. Get real. There are plenty of examples of illegal discrimination by employers, schools, the cops, govt agencies, real estate agencies, homophobes, etc ad nauseum. To suggest color, age, sexual orientation and religion are no longer issues in the american dream suggests to me you have you terminal HUYA, way up.

      There's way too many sqzrs out in the world in positions of authority more than willing to phuk over people for any or no real reason including color, religion, age and sexual orientation. They're called bullies and you sound very much like one.

      As for affirmative action, learn to live with it @$$hole, it ain't going away anytime soon.

      I'd really like the opportunity to bust your block and neighgborhood in the name of equal housing opportunity.

      Good night and bad dreams.

    • Alright, IRA...lets for the sake of discussion grant that Bush has been a complete failure in many areas. Now, election time is approaching. Bush will be gone. What is the case for a Democrat (beside trying to "get-even")?

      The front running Dems will not promise to withdraw from Iraq, in fact, they have no "plan" either,

      They have indicated they will roll back the recent tax rate reductions, which it is hard to see how that can do anything but hurt the economy,

      Their stands on illegal immigation are more liberal than even Bush's, so the flood from the South would increase, and we know Liberal's tendencies to create new welfare programs, so we know the "poor wetbacks" would be getting more aid from a Democratic controlled government,

      They have no plan to stop Iran from becomming nuclear, or even the stomach,

      They would scap the missle defense program, leaving us open to a whacko N. Korean launch,

      As for "lobbyists" power, all that would change would be the groups and companies getting the leverage,

      They continue to ignore the growing SS and Medicare financial time bomb,

      Have promised to tie-up Congress with "get-even" hearings,

      Will continue to block every effort to open new oil exploration in the US,

      Will continue to defend affirmative action policies denying every American an equal shot at a job or college admission,

      Would saddle US businesses even more regulations, and periodic "excess profits taxes" if a business happens to make it. matter how bad Bush may have been...looking to the future...we are STILL better off with the lessor of two evils...and I imagine the voters will bite their tongues, and realize that...and we will still be Republican...and the Left can continue to do what it does best...WHINE

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      • Let's for the sake of the truth grant that Bush has been a total failure in many areas.

        I could reiterate these ares of failure but they are well known.

        This morning I was watching the Senate on CSPAN mull over the idea of Sen Reid's that the senate would adapt his amendment to the port's security bill calling for 100% compliance with the 9/11 investigative committee recommendations.
        With the help of a couple of dems and 100% lemmingness by the Senate's Republican, the motion was voted down.

        The dems cannot come up with their own plans when the majority party isn't resady to look in depth at any alternative suggestions.

        If there was any willingness to search for alternative plans one would think at least one or two of the most moderate republicans would entertain the thought.

        I don't undrestand the context of your "dems with no plan either."

        A large number of economists have said, on the record, they don't believe tax cuts in the middle of a war is a smart approach to funding trhe govts needs. And just who is reaping the most, percentage wise, from the 'booming' economy?
        Who was it that said a rising tide from tax cuts will raise all boats? It wasn't a republican.

        I grant you the immigration fiasco will not be solved by the dems unless the republicans can argue, in a bipartisan way ,for the House's current plan. Maybe the dems will listen to their constituency, maybe. If the poeople ask for maintaining the status quo,the dems may be stuck. Bush is listening to his constituency (business) and is maintaining the status quo for them.

        Maybe the dems could start negotiations with the Iranians before blundering into another war, maybe.

        How many $$$ with a "B" should be spent on a program that hasn't yeilded many successes under controlled conditions?
        It sounds like a welfare progrsam benefitting Lockheed and a few employees and not the public at large.

        The minority leader of the house judicial committee is the only one calling for impeachment hearings that I'm aware of. He could have one or two suporters ,but not muc hmore. They a ll remember the crucifixion of Clinton over a blow job, after they couldn;t nab him on trumped up Whitewater charges and the suicide of his friend.

        I don't think they don't want new sources of oil found, they want it done safely and cleanly. BP couldn't spend the $$ on inspecting it's alaskan pipe line, on high and dry ground. Who expects them to be diligent in the middle of the ocean?

        The white man practiced his own version of affirmative action and denied equal opportunity for a large percentage of the population for 200+ years. Enough said.

        Exactly why shoujldn't business pa ytaxes when they are the ones getting welfare, off shoring jobs, off shoring corp head quarters etrc.

      • [Democrats] Would saddle US businesses even more regulations, and periodic "excess profits taxes" if a business happens to make it.


        What group of US businesses has been levied "excess profits taxes" previously?

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