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  • sqzr sqzr Nov 1, 2006 1:49 PM Flag

    I Guess Kerry Won't be

    taking Leno's job anytime

    I hope the Dems "universal health care" plan covers removing your foot from your mouth.

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    • The "joke" Kerry made was that if the California kids did not do well in school, there would be stuck in Iraq.

      When was the last time a kid from rich family got stuck in Iraq? Yeah, Chenyhead and the Republicans love USA.

    • Leno can sleep tonight, his job's safe unless Bush can convince one of his supporters and brains to figure a way to take it offshore.

      I wrote a note to the Army Times paper questioning the context of their coverage of the Kerry gaff.

      In my note I asked how the malaproper-in-chief could demand an apology from Kerry when he himself is monosyllabic and can't talk in complete sentences.

      I also questioned the gaps in his military service term and Cheney's five draft deferments and where they got the balls to look down their collective noses at Kerry.

      What follows is his reply...

      "I understand where you are coming from. I remember covering Dick Cheney's nomination to be defense secretary, though, and nobody was especially exercised about his multiple deferments. Part of that was the time, when they were just looking for anyone confirmable after the fight over John Tower, and part of it is that the military wasn't fighting any wars at the time."

      "Kerry can be his own worst enemy, it seems. He served -- which is more than Bush or Cheney can claim -- but he still seems on the defensive all the time. Maybe this is because politics are so polarized today, but a lot of Vietnam veterans never forgave Kerry for his anti-war activities, which doesn't help."

      "Oddly, there also is a large and vocal group of anti-McCain veterans from the Vietnam War who have labeled him as a traitor for having broken under torture and signed some embarassing statements.
      And, remember that a non-veteran -- Saxby Chambliss of Georgia -- convinced voters that Max Cleland, a triple amputee from Vietnam and former head of the Veterans Administration under Carter, was a terrorist sympathizer because Cleland opposed waiving federal civilian personnel protections for the formation of the Department of Homeland Security."

      "Maybe the problem here is that being a veteran doesn't mean so much in the U.S. any more."

      "Thanks for your comments."

      I especially liked his comments on McCain and Chambliss.

      I guess he confirms my thoughts about how veterans are remembered and Repugnantcans being Equal Opportunity haters and dividers.

      BTW...The Dems Universal and single payer health plan will pay for the heart installation for any Republican uneasy with the status of his soul with the uniter in the sky..

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      • Re: "...Cheney's five draft deferments..."

        Cheney was gettin' himself educated, and he had "other priorities".

        Bush, Rice, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfelt, et. al., are all educated. The best and the brightest. Collectively they've figgered a way to defends us all against Iraq, and now can only come up with stay the course, of course, of course,...bring 'em on, and on, and on...when iraquis standup we'll stand down.

        Don't question authority... they don't know either.

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