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  • jjsufie Apr 16, 2007 11:24 AM Flag

    bush do not hide behind the troops!!!

    i along with a vast majority of the us population support our troops irrespective of whether the conflict is wrong or right...however, bush continues to hide behind the troops rather than looking at all feasable alternatives to a conflict that is unwinable....why continue to throw american lives in harms way? throwing money and more american lives into the iraq conflict is not the solution...he continues on the stay the course strategy and when questioned states any questiong of his policy shows that we are against the haven't been able to perform the original plan; it is an abject failure costing over 3,000 american lives and billions of president why don't you support the troops with new concrete and constructive solutions? just my the way squzr this is noc's message board...thanks for setting me straight.

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    • Although I am not going to defend every aspect of Bush's Iraq policy, I have to disagree strongly with your statement that asserted.." when questioned states any questiong of his policy shows that we are against the troops."

      I have never heard Bush question the loyalty or support of the troops of any critic of his policy. What he has said is that they are wrong, and their "plans" for withdrawal or "redeployment" would be dangerous to the Middle East. He has said that withholding funds for troops in the field does put the troops at risk. If the Dems want out of Iraq, they should have the political guts to cut off all funding which is Congress' Constitutional right, but they are scared to do they try to play politcal games while we have men and women under fire.

      The opponents of the war feel free to say almost anything about the President, but if their proposed plans are questioned, they cry that their patriotism is being questioned. It is not their patriotism that is in question, but their wisdom and political courage.

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      • jjsufie Apr 17, 2007 10:14 PM Flag

        unfortunatley, cutting off all funds leaves the troops without any support one even the super left would even consider that.....troop support(should say survival) is dependent on funding....deleting of funds equals and alternatives rather than staying the course is still the possble only reference to funding....war powers act supersedes congrssional spending authority......defense contractors should not suffer as a result of this alleged stalemate.. it will get done...neither the right or left will allow the troops to be put in harms way without all the resources available to them.

      • Cheney has denigrated and stated doubts about the opposition's loyalty.

        Does he not speak for the president or is he a loose cannon on the decks of the White House?

      • Question re.: "...If the Dems want out of Iraq, they should have the political guts to cut off all funding which is Congress' Constitutional right...":

        Is it's congress's right to cut of specific funds (i.e., those dollars specifically earmarked for Iraq, OR must they cut the "entire" defense budget)? In other words, can the CINC cancel/defer ongoing programs not part of Iraq, to divert funds to Iraq, as he so chooses? If so, this could hurt many ongoing NOC programs not directly associated with OIF, the GWOT, etc.

    • We need more troops, more materiel and more money spent on defense.

      I love being a war profiteer.
      More & bigger defense platforms.

      Let's show 'em that we are "Mad & Bad and Dangerous to Know"

    • 1. Do you work for NOC?
      2. Have you donated $ to Bushie lately?

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