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  • McMEM McMEM Nov 30, 2007 3:18 AM Flag

    Obama willot support NASA program

    Obama will shift $ from Mission to Moon to Education if elected. However, NGC has little role in this project.

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    • How much more Federal money can the Dems pour down the rathole of "education"? Is there no limit to how much they will spend to court the teachers unions and the ivory-tower university "education experts".

      Public education in this country was pretty damn good up thru the 50's, early 60's, but has continually decayed as Federal involvement, and social science meddling, has increased.

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      • Is NASA a better source to invest our $ over education? While I believe that we should invest in NASA, the return of investment on many "education experts" such as MIT or Caltech researches is orbital.

        While I believe that the teacher union has overdone it, the pay to teachers were not acceptable (around $30K per year).

        The union has a minor role on the deficiency of our educational system. The main cause is the public education since we cannot afford a choice of school unless we move to another district. What has Bush-It done for us? Has our education system improved because we left no kids behind?

      • I wuz there my-own-self (sqzrs assertion: "Public education in this country was pretty damn good up thru the 50's, early 60's, ..."). sqzr has a point iffn you believe in "separate but equal" (southron solution) and iffn you believe that droppin' outa high school at 16 was the norm as in many rural northern/midwest locales. Over 50% of the guys in our high school (upstate NY) would quit to work the farm...but then the farms died (post Korea especially) and they went to the factories, which became the rust belt, or the Army as the 60's draft pulled 'em in.

        So education iffn you did it was certainly pretty goood back then. Kept me outta the cowpasture and factory 'cept summers.

        Those sociciety engineers shore fixed all o' that.

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