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  • McMEM McMEM Jan 31, 2008 3:11 AM Flag

    4 more %

    1. Very good, but please co not stop there. Tell us why NOC is a good stock. Is it going to win some big contracts (revenue increaee)? Is it going to have some major breakthru? Has it found some areas to cut costs (reduce expense)? Stop writing Farnsworth (This word describes you so good) and check your finance.

    2. I have informed you that the word "recession" was used by Goldman Sachs and other famed economists, and you insisted that you knew more about economy than them combined. Yet you provided no substantiation. How do you expect me to help you?

    3. The GS report came out early this month (Jan), and NOC yo-yo within 3%. Had you listened to GS, your return would have been 10X higher.

    3. Should you do not trust GS, surely you know that the economy is in XXXX (pick your own profanity). Had you put your $ in gold, your return would have been much higher.

    4. Another good investment is energy until the end of Bush-It era. Cheneyhead is going to loot whatever he can for the rest of his term.

    5. I even posted my prediction that the interest would drop another 0.25 to 0.5%, and am right on the $. Yet you chose to attack me instead of making some $. Just think about how much more you would make had you buy gold or bond.

    6. Do yourself and your family a favor, and talk to GS. I have very good experience with them. MSDW also provides excellent service. You are at an age that you cannot think clearly and yet cannot afford mistake.

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