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  • yo_bama_2008 yo_bama_2008 Jun 23, 2008 8:59 PM Flag

    military not needed after 2008

    After Obama is sworn in as president, the wars will stop. His diplomacy machine will kick in and stop the violence. Those who are fighting the USA today will quickly realize that America is not really their enemy, and it is just the Republicans that are to blame. NOC should begin diversifying into other businesses.

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    • Yeah......and the tooth fairy is going to come tonight and put $1,000,000.00 dollars under your pillow! I never use improper language on these boards but I'll make an exception here- You are a FN idiot!

    • I woul dlike to see a 180 day moratorium on all bills by congress next year. Good grief, what is inside the bills often has nothing to do with the title and democrats are worse than republicans about this. Hopefully Obama will veto all the riders on bills.

    • You keep proving to us, over and over again how educated and mamnnerly you are.

      Your mother would be so proud.

      The reasons we have labor laws is because of past union activity.

      Are you gullible enough to believe conservative propoganda that tells you "benevolant" American corporate mangement will not work to overturn those laws should organnized labor be shut down?

      Wake up and smell the roses pendejo or be doomed to live under fascist rule.

    • "You, in the meantime, have a heritage that had a 420+ year head start, from Virginia Dare's birth in Va back in 1587 and your still gaining."

      How do you know who is related to Virginia Dare?

    • Well as much as I believe in Obama, you are dead wrong for blaming President Bush for borrowing money. ONLY Congress can authorize expenditures from the federal budget. No president - - democrat or republican, has such authority on their own.

    • Oh yea!! Oh yea!!!

    • For once, IRA has a good idea:

      "1) - Suck it up and get a life?"

      But more importantly, to blame a white person living today for things done 4+ centuries ago, by people who may or may not have even been his ancestors, is, in fact, sheer racism.

      The concept of "racial guilt" is something I would expect to come out of a Hitler, not a "good Liberal" like IRA.

    • <<"Plus, is there really any thinking US black descendent of a slave who would wish his ancestor was not brought to this country">>

      And if todays' blacks aren't happy with their past and current treatment here in America, what would there options be?
      1) - Suck it up and get a life?
      2) - Move to where?

      The Civil Rights Act was passed during LBJ's term in office. That era would've been sometime between late Nov 1963 and Jan 1969. Depending how good your math is, that was just 39 to 45 years ago.

      You, in the meantime, have a heritage that had a 420+ year head start, from Virginia Dare's birth in Va back in 1587 and your still gaining.

      How is it fair demanding someone get over 4+ centuries of abuse?

      Talk is cheap and plentiful.

      If the Sqzr was musical, he'd be a brass band.

    • "..cause it would virtually destroy the NFL, NBA and MLB, as well as 95% of college sports."

      Well now that is just silly...of course it would not destroy the games...they would just be played with different, and somewhat less talented, players...but after awhile, could you really tell the difference?

      Oh..yes...I guess you could, since the end zone antics would be gone.

    • sqzr never said: "go back to Africa if you don't like it..." and it's a good thing it ain't gonna happenin' cause it would virtually destroy the NFL, NBA and MLB, as well as 95% of college sports. My o' my what'd we do Sunday afternoons, all of March madness, and the sports bars would go broke to boot.

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