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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Jun 26, 2008 12:23 PM Flag

    military not needed after 2008

    i hear you but can it be worse than under Bush, sho I admit I voted for ... both times.

    And I am voting for McCain btw. I don't like rap.

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    • Yes it has been bad under President Bush. The S&P 500 has grown only a little over 30% in the last 5 years. It shoudl be doubling every 5 years. Obama can do it.

      • 2 Replies to yo_bama_2008
      • "It (S&P500) shoudl be doubling every 5 years. Obama can do it."

        Please explain how the following policies promised by Obama would help the S&P500:
        1) tax increases on upper income individuals, who do a major part of the investing in this country,
        2) increase in capital gains tax,
        3) increase in tax rate on dividends,
        4) "windfall" profits taxes on oil companies,
        5) increased envirionmental regulations on US companies,
        6) supporting legislation that INCREASES the power of unions,
        7) threats to withdraw from international trade agreements, and revert to protectionism,
        8) oppose all realistic methods of increasing US energy supplies in the near future (oil drilling, coal use, nuclear power, nat gas), and
        9) his continuing "bashing" of US companies.

        As (if) his probability of winning rises, the market will continue to head lower.

      • 30%, i am not talking $, spirit of the country, GWB is an asshole and I voted 2x for him.

        You can tell me he isn't an asshole? you think that guy is/has been a good President?

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