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  • marka4344a marka4344a Jun 4, 2009 4:12 PM Flag

    NOC SoCal layoffs are for real -

    Major advanced-weapon system canceled.
    I suppose an appeasement-speech in the middle east was good enough to get the enemies to like us. No need for a big stick.
    God helps us all. This Jimmy Carter 2.0.
    I'm old enough to remember him canceling the B1 and watching us become weak until Ronnie R. came to office.
    Also, isn't this job redistribution? Cut the defense jobs, "save" the money and "create" green jobs. Maybe the green jobs will result in some nice flowers that we can put in the barrels of our enemy's guns.

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    • I'd lay every one of you off. NOC employees are lazy, shiftless, overcompensated donut eating. Good hard working people are losing their jobs while this lazy trash remains employed. Weapons programs for what. Needy lazy stupid defense garbage.

    • i too used to bash Carter, now i wonder...hmmm, had we conserved, would be held hostage by the middle east and oil prices today?

      yet as soon as oil drops, dumb ass americans drive gas guzzlers again.

      How stupid can we be? NEVER ever can we trust arabs, is that not obvious?

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      • U say don't trust arabs right well why is it that most of the gas stations down south are owned by arabs and that they are able to open new businesses everywhere so easily??? i guess the government really don't car bout us and soon it will be one of the biggest mistakes this country ever made but no one is paying attention to this problem....

    • You show no signs of maturing.
      Carter cancelled the B-1A Model because it was a piece of shit.
      Reagan bought into the B-1B Model, which was not any better.
      I don't think an aircrew survived an ejection event.
      I don't think the plane ever dropped a bomb in a combat enviroment.
      It was part of the inventory when Granada, Panama, 41's Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq's Shock and awe bombs were dropped.
      The shock and awe actually was the Dept of Defense had no confidence in it as a weapons platform.
      NAA got the contract because they were a California company and Reagan was from...guess where?

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      • Iraplanna-

        Sounds like you know a bit about weapon systems. Not bad. Some, if not all of your technical-criticism of the B1 is true. But that really is not the point.
        Does one really need to use the weapons or just their presence is a deterrent? Most cops never shoot their service weapons during their careers. None will go out on the beat without it.
        Regardless of B1's or the of the Star Wars Shield performance , their deterrent-affect was enough to keep us safe.
        People criticize the B2. A bill and a half a piece and has never seen its proposed action.
        Well, isn't it better that it never penetrated Soviet air space for a nuclear-drop but partially caused the Soviets to fall?
        What is the other option? Not develop new weapons and hope we will not need them? That is insane.

        And as far as Reagan and North American Rockwell being from Cali, you dont have much of a point. There are times when politicians pull for their state for jobs and other times based on their idealogy, take a voter-risk and dont (see Pelosi and now). It could go either way.


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