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  • sdmiller4747 Nov 23, 2009 8:50 PM Flag

    Party lines


    You can always tell when your congressmen are no longer representing you. They all vote on Party lines. Take for instance,democrat senators from Arkansas Lincoln and Pryor. If they really were representing their constituency they might consider not casting their votes at all or maybe voting with the republicans on this very flawed healthcare bill but both chose to vote for a democratic bill that takes away over 1 trillion dollars, by some accounts, from the most vulnerable Americans,those precious and most dear to us our mothers and fathers and grandparents who depend on Medicare to keep them healthy.

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    • This was a procedural vote to bring the bill to the floor for discussion. It was not a vote to approve or vote down the bill. Now discussion can take place, amendments can be made to either improve or weaken the bill which has already been down by the lobbying of the insurance companies. What is needed is a good public option to provide some competition for the insurance companies

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      • "What is needed is a good public option to provide some competition for the insurance companies"

        Could anyone please explain how the "public option" will compete in a way that lowers premiums? The Dems have repeatedly promised that the public option will use NO government money, and will operate solely on its collected premiums. If that is the case, it will be exposed to the same health care costs as the private insurance companies. It will save by not needing any "profit", however, like all government agencies it will be inefficient. It will probably be pressure by Congress to be unionized, so I doubt its premiums (if truly unsubsidized) will be lower.

        Of course, we know the real goal of the Left with the public option is to establish the path to a single payer, tax supported system

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