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  • hercengineer hercengineer Mar 9, 2010 2:19 PM Flag

    Air Force will change their mind

    and buy a set number of both aircraft. Both will be fixed price contracts and for the second buy it will be a competitive bid. A small and large tanker can fulfill multiple missions. To me this is the best answer to the problem.

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    • heard that same BS with regards to buyins a lap car, you own a jap car bigmouth? a TV, a VCR, a jap cell phone, hypocrit!!!!!!!

    • Have McDonnell & Douglas merged in '80 when the 902 site was sold to Northrop? Who's the seller?
      today they assembled the fuselage part after the wing
      I thought Northop proposed YF19 based on F5 to compete with GD's F16 & lost. That was an Air Force program. Navy will not buy single engine manned air platform.

    • The 902 building and the entire "west complex" were acquired when the F/A-18 fuselage assembly program and it's trestle outgrew Plant 3.
      That would have been around 1980.
      I don't understand your question.
      They build more than the F/A-18 tail section, the build the entire fuselage aft of the flight deck for that program.
      I worked on the FSD portion of the program as an M.E. from ship 1 thru 14.
      I went running back to Plt 3 and the 747 program as fast as my feet could carry me.
      It was originally a Northrop design called the YF-17.
      Northrop went in with McDonnell Douglas on the building of the plane.
      Northrop was slated to build the light weight version and McDonnell would be esponsible for the heavier Navy version.
      When Lockheed'd F-16 won the USAF fighter contract, Northrop was shut out.
      It worked out in McDonnell's favor and now Boeing is using it to advertise and tout it's success in building airframes that work.
      So what is your question since you already report in to work in that complex everyday?
      You maybe right about where the F-35 is assembled, I haven't worked there in a long time and have lost contact with my old coworkers.
      I do know some M.E.s on the F-35 that were working in the west Complex.
      I really don't know waht's going on out there.

    • if 902's prior tenants were North american & Douglas,when did it end up with NGC? Once the last batch of F/A18 tail segments are built, entire campus will be sold & business relocated to Space Park.
      F35 fuselage is assembled in Palmdale. The F35 avionics bldg is called ES1 at corner of El Segundo/Douglas. I move from 902 to ES1 today.

    • That's the same facilty.
      They have two final assembly buildings along with a paint hangar and pressure pit to test cabin pressure all sitting idle.
      The region has an experienced work force wanting to put planes together.
      The 902 building is in what was called Northop's "West Complex".
      They no longer have an "East Complex" so I guess the complex containingthe 902 building is just the "Complex"
      They build the F/A-18 fuelage in it.
      It's adjacent to the 905 building which is Northrop's composites fabrication plant.
      It's history goes back to WWII and all southern cal aircraft plants built stuff there over time.
      Prior tenants were North American and Douglas.
      There may have been more.
      They built a new plant in the same complex to build F-35 fuselages but I don't know what it's proximity to the 902 is.

    • That would be difficult. As I understand it, the MD-11 tooling was destroyed after the project was retired (cancelled). The C-17 uses the DC-10/MD-11 nose, so that's probably as much of the aircraft as they could build right now.

      However, FedEx could sell their MD-10's for modification to tankers.

    • Boeing builds C17 at their Long Beach facility. Is that the same Douglas plant? What's the history of Bldg 902 in El Segundo, a Douglas plant acquired by Northrop before the Boeing deal?

    • Having a dual contract is the only way to keep Boeing under control. Look at their record for the last ten years or so. The 787 is a shambles both cost and schedule. The 747-8 program is again way behind schedule. And on the military side, the Japanese tanker (767) program, Australian AEW program and C-130 AMP program have been late and over budget. Now tell me is that a good sign for the Tanker program? If this is sole source, it is a disaster for the procurement process in this country.

    • NOC won it, that's why, I don't care who they dish some of it out to.

    • So you would rather give the jobs to france. Maybe if any of your family lost their job you think different. Give me one reason you want to give the largest goverment contract in us history to france.? Answer.

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