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  • McMEM McMEM Sep 23, 2010 2:28 AM Flag

    Do we have a good postal service?

    Somebody claimed that USA has a good postal service. How do we know if we have a good postal service if there is only one postal service?

    An easy solution is to ask a slightly different question: If George Washington is the only POTUS, is he a good POTUS?

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    • The USPS is good, not perfect.

      How do you expect a search engine to solve a name typo, an address error, etc?

      You guys whine when the price of a stamp goes up a penny or two every couple of years but you expect your raise to come thru on time and to exceed the C.O.L.

      What a corrupt set of values.

    • I don't believe asking if GW was a good POTUS is a good analogy to weigh in on the Post Office. Ask yourself this: 1) If you did not have the Post Office how would you mail a letter? 2) As far as packages go there are a lot of options but the Post Office is the cheapest option for large heavy boxes because UPS and FedEx cherry pick the parcel post market and are geared to be efficient in only a certain profitable segment of the market. Sure, you can ship larger bulkier packages through UPS but you will pay. 3) How many times has a letter you mailed been lost? 4) Have you ever not received a letter or package from post office that you were expecting. 5) How many damaged letters and boxes have you received through the post office. As for asking if GW was a good POTUS well it depends on what time he served. He was considered a great President because he led the Revolutionary War. Would he be a good President today? I don't know. How long has the Post Office been around? A lot longer than GW was President.

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      • Therefore when you want to compare apples & oranges... just talk about fruitcake!

        The Post Office is actually one of the better run businesse's by our government. I'd have to say the military would be the best, with the USMC as the apple in the eye.

        However, the government's record as a manager of any social service (social security, education, medicare, food stamps, welfare) is dismal! These programs should be managed on a local level, without government regulations, requirements, or restrictions!

    • When GW was our 'good' POTUS, he was our 'only' POTUS.

      The USPS is our good postal service but it's not our only postal service.

      We do have other mail delivery services available, including e-mail, Fed-Ex, UPS and private messenger services.

      I quote the NYC post office motto that says "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

      That pretty sums up the quality of their service for $.42 stinking cents a letter.

      No one claims it to be perfect.

      After all, humans are involved in the day to day handling of their product.

      What would the privatized and unionized UPS charge to carryand deliver that same birthday card across the country or to an APO in Afghanistan?

    • so... if you cannot see the forest for the trees, you should start a fire!

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