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  • McMEM McMEM Oct 5, 2010 3:06 AM Flag

    When the phone rang at 3am

    When the phone rang at 3am, how much would it cost USA to have Hillary answering the call?

    First Hillary convinced the CEO of Google to have a fight with China, and Baidu doubled in value. Has she learned the lesson?

    Last weekend, Japanese newspapers pointed their fingers at Hillary. Reportedly, she escalated the conflict between China and Japan by promising military supports, such as providing GlobalHawk and joint military exercises. In exchange, she forced Japan to give up its rights on an Iran oil field. Immediately, several companies lined up to purchase that right.

    I doubt very much that China and Japan will go to war. Both sides need each other economically and many interests have too much at risk. Many companies will make donations to make sure the politicians will just rattle the sabers, and let the matter slowly die.

    In case you wonder whether Japan will trust USA again, Google your answer.

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    • You don't have to pay taxes if you don't have a job. Obama hasn't figured that one out yet.

    • You are right on all the points you raised and your BTW`is right on too.

      Thank you for speaking up in my support.

    • BTW, never before had we given a tax cut to the rich while fighting a war.

    • We're stuck with the tab for the Iraq War. It's a major part of our deficit. Besides all the young men and women who died, there are many who need intensive medical care now and later.

      BTW, we owe it to them to give them the best care in the VA system over the next decades.

      The cost will be due to President Bush and there will be continuous costs from that war for the next 60-80 years, with peak costs occurring around 30-40 years from now. We owe it to them and anyone who tries to renege on it by wanting to privatize the VA Health System and give out vouchers that don't fully pay for that care won't ever get my vote. My care about how we treat those veterans and others that we put into harms way will continue via a younger generation of voters.

      Yes, the damage of the former administration lingers.

    • He and the conservative congress of 1995 thru 2007 dug us this hole we find ourselves in.

      Remember, he was the leader of the party of "fiscal responsiblity" and he did not veto a single spending bill in his eight years of stewardship.

      Never in the nation's history were tax cuts asked for and given in wartime.

      Never in the nation's history were war crimes over profiteering and gouging not conducted.

      The party touting itself as the sole party of responsibility spent us into oblivion while destroying our base for recovery from the condition they created/caused.

      And the right expected the cure for what took them 8+ years to create to be fixed in 8 weeks or months?

      Get real.

    • When the phone rang at 3am 5-Oct-10 03:06 am When the phone rang at 3am, how much would it cost USA to have Hillary answering the call?

      Very Cute. However the only thing Hillary and all the rest of the Overtly Corrupt, Amoral Un America Trash on Capitol Hill should be answering to is a Judge in their Trial for High Treason. These Elitist Self Serving A-- Ho--s are Traitors of the worst Kind.

      • 1 Reply to bhenning32
      • Bush and his criminal cabal of overtly corrupt, Amoral and Unamerican trash without peer are the issue that needs to be put on trial for ignoring warmnings about Osama binLaden wanting to sky jack airliners and fly them into buildings, lying us into two wars over aluminum tubes, yellow cake uraniuum, non-existant WMD's left over from when Ronnie Raygun armed Sadam Hussein and a total lack of oversight, especially where his VEEP was concerned and so on.

        Up yours you pious A$$hole.

    • A mental midget queried..."When the phone rang at 3am, how much would it cost USA to have Hillary answering the call?"

      No doubt it would've been cheaper than when his doofus, "GWB" answered, for 4400 GI's, the economy and the middle class workforce.

    • Read "The Imperial Cruise"

    • Global Hawk is built @ our Palmdale facility. As far as Aerospace div is concerned, 3 more contracts & shall improve RIF condition.

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