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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Oct 8, 2010 9:30 AM Flag

    Another worse than expected jobs report

    Is this still GWB's fault?

    Isn't there a czar appointed to fix this?

    Maybe we need 1 more czar?

    Someone thinks a 70% tax rate will fix it.

    Ever see anyone get so angry over his pick being such a failure?

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    • The economy being on it's #$%$ is Bush's and his Republicanh congress's fault.
      Denial is not a river running by your house.
      They dug a verrrrry deeeeep hole that, with no help from the loyal opposition, we won't be gettttting out of anytime sooooon.

    • 10/8/11 and here we are almost 2 years later....................................................................Obama is clueless

    • And one more. At least this President is consistent.

    • Is this still 43's fault?

      The failure to fix it is not GWB's fault.

      That is the fault of the Congress and the administration for not showing the leadership needed to fix it.

      The real question is can it be fixed?

      Business has chosen to outsource our manufacturing base solely in the name of bigger profits, cutting their customers legs off at the knees.

      This was not done to improve product quality, enviromental conditions or workplace safety.

      Asia and Mexico have not had even a small hand in developing any of the products they are now producing.

      China has a bad record in sending inferior stuff to us, some of it poisonous to our kids and pets but business representitives would fight all efforts to crack down on our receiving these inferior goods.

      The Congress has encouraged thesae moves by giving tax breaks to business allowing them to write off the expenses involved in moving our jobs out of our country.

      Past recessions were relieved by our ability to put people to work making stuff.

      When our tax rates were 70% we, as a country, soared with the eagles.

      It's past time to restore those rates but the conservative cry to keep giving the wealthy tax breaks in the name of jobs has proven to be a colossal failure.

      So has unpaid for wars, no bid contracts, protecting the insurance industry pirateers et al.

      Why should we have to bribe the wealthy to investing in their golden goose?

      I guess it's time for the republicans to take power in the Congress.

      Can they be trusted to act on behalf of the citizenry or will they continue to protect what seems to be their sole constituency, big business?

    • This is capitalism. If you can't grow you business and increase profits to increase stock holder equity you cut costs to grow your profits. But you can only cut so much. Then your not a viable company.

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