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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Oct 14, 2010 9:29 AM Flag

    Bar Stool Economics

    1 term Jimmy..... :)

    9.6% and O boasted it would be 8% by now.

    Keep bashing business O, 10% isn't far off :)

    You can blame GWB for all 4 years. Republican Congress & Senate is on the way.

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    • Dream on dopey.

      The house may slip back into the abyss but some teabaggers aren't weathering the storm very well but some are doing quite well.

      Bill Maher said it best and I paraphrase "America has the stupidest citizenry on earth".

      If the "common good" is not served by cancelling the govt, less the military, in it's entirety why do it?

      The Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense Inspector General, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Labor, State, Interior, Treasury, Transportation, Veterans Affairs all serve the public well.

      What are you, a caveman?

      I don't want to share my space in america with you or the tea baggers.

    • 1 term Jimmy..... :)

      What do you think of the patriotism of a guy who makes a deal over the Iranian hostages to embarrass Carter, allowing for Iran to hold them inprisoned until he got into office?

      The payoff for Iran was the Iran Contra weapons and drug deals Ollie "Super Patriot" North brokered.

      BTW...He also armed Iraq and those weapons were thought to be the WMD's Hussein was storing to attack us, resulting in our 8 years war with a bunch of "DUMB" ragheads.

      Who's the dummy?

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