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  • tiglet2l tiglet2l Oct 20, 2010 3:51 AM Flag

    Ford Motor Plant and the UAW.

    Is that fair? I mean, just look at what the UAW did for GM or should I say to GM.

    Impressive factory. Can you imagine crackhead liberals in a Detroit factory working in uniforms, in cadence, and caring about what they are building?

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    • The UAW crackheads saved Ford from going under.

      If it wasn't for the UAW and it's concessions plus being dedicated to their own success and therefore Ford's success,
      Ford would've been forced to go the way of GM.

      They built their products with whatever crap mgmt gave them.

      Ford mgmt had it's back to the wall, they had no choice but to change their ways.

      I saw my 1st Toyota Corona late in 1969.

      Thanks to a guy called Deming, Toyota did things right from Day 1, while GM laughed him out of town.

      GM took until the mid 90's to change their ways.

      Mgmt's only goal prior to then was to rip the company and stockholders off.

      Obama saved them from going under and with the mgmt change they put in place, it looks like they may be saved from going under.

      They are on their way to paying back the 50 billion or so they were loaned, I think they're ahead of schedule in their repayment scheme or obligation.

      They would've been history if it was up to the dixiecrats like Richard Shelby, Mitch McChinless, Jeff Sessions et al, who are all on the take with Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Subaru and who couldn't care less about the American economy and jobs.

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