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  • tflufman tflufman Jan 27, 2005 5:22 PM Flag

    FEB 14 LOCKUP IS 176,794,161 SHARES

    This is from the lastest filing by google on 11/30/04 see page 11

    i went through all the sec fillings and all the news headlines for google from today back to aug the above link is the lastest and found nothing on the reduction of shares for lockup date.

    Now if anyone finds anything different please post your link

    just hard facts by the way ask someone at the sec about that and its not legal for that unless both parties agree and they make an amendmant for it or anything. once a contract is signed for inregards to stocks there must be an amendment filed. All most all the time they will be approved but they must be filled

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    • no one actually said the employees were forbidden from driving fancy cars. i know people who work there and they have only good things to say about the work environment. it's not only kids who work there, there are also some industry veterans. goog has some serious brain power, they're a new company, and are seen as the only one who has the guts and talent to take on msft.

    • Mercury article stated that less than 4% of currently unlocked shares (out of 25 mil/month over last 3 months) have been sold. Simple math here: 4% x 103 mil = 4,120,000 shares likely to be sold. Ummm... that less than 1/2 the average trading volume of 10,834,818 shares. Anyone who actually thinks that will make any bit of difference is NUTS. Funds will happily gulp those shares up. Plus you have all these dumbnuts selling the last week thinking that it would make a difference. I'm sure 20 mil shares were sold just out of fear. So what's gonna happen when those ppl want to buy back at what they thought would be lower prices?? I've seen this scenario happen time and time again. Buy the rumor, sell the news (in this case the reverse as it is negative news, so: sell the rumor, buy the news). If you don't know that rule by now you should just leave the market and start working at McDonalds. This is gonna be fun. First ever shareholder meeting. Buhahaha... they r gonna own the shorts so freakin bad. :)

    • that filing was simply a filing to state they would be selling an ADDITIONAL 16.6 million shares over an 18 month period starting sept
      which would leave the 3 73.9 million between them.

      if these shares where part of the feb14 lockup they would not have to file a stock plan to sell only a form 4 after the sell

      also if it was to change the status then they would be filing an amendment and specifing they were removing the shares from lockup

      even the longs favorite guy Cramers web site the street .com doesnt say a word about a change

      only your beloved

      no were does it state a change not even the two following filings by google on the 23 or 30 of nov

    • Please. Stop.

    • Yeah, I heard that one before, too. It's all going to be done in a smoke-filled room in Jersey. Funds and Investment Firms will be champing at the bit for the chance to pay above-market rates for huge blocks of Google stock.

    • okay dont twist words up

      they say OVER AN 18 month period not After 18months that means real simple for you they can sell any portion at any time throughout that time.

      and do you read any where on any of those files without twisting words on the pages like the three founders did in there press release

      where those shares are part of the feb14 unlock ? do you understand the difference between additional and orginally part of ?

    • please explain how a fund is going to buy from employees and bypass the open market.

      Keep Dreaming

    • There are no more shares to be unlocked after February 14th other than the 73.9 million shares that will now be unlocked around May, 2006. At that point, all outstanding shares will be part of the float. You understand that, right?

    • boy

      look in there filing it states an ADDITIONAL 17.2 MILLION shares will be sold by the three which will still leave them with a collective amount of 73.9 million

      they added a statement on how the release of shares from the nov lockup hurt the stock price over those couple of days before NOTOS speech. And how they would release these shares over 18months by the way there is NOTHING IN THE FILING ABOUT FEB 14 in regards to the nov19 filing or anything after where these shares come from the lockup

    • Why would you hold through a drop from $200?

      Didn't your studies show that $200 was about it, HOY??

      Even with s/t capital gains, it seems it would be wiser to sell and re-buy, rather than just and hold. It's overvalued by any fundamental study.

      Microsoft a =named= competitor, with a new search engine guaranteed to take market share away.
      The best days of Google are now. Price will soon reflect that.

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