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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 May 17, 2005 9:33 PM Flag

    Google is a joke

    The people in charge at google have only one objective: PROFITS. They couldnt care less about relevant content or improving the experience of the consumer. My website has been online for over a year now, it ranks in the top 10 on Yahoo and MSN for the main search topics, and it doesnt even show up in the Google search. Why? Because i refuse to spend money for their ridiculous ad words campaign, which happens to be a joke. I know that I'm not the only site that ranks well on all the major search engines, and doesnt even show up on Google. People who use Google search thinking they are going to be given a list of the best possible sites for the product or service they are seeking, are being cheated and they wont know it unless they try a competing engine like yahoo.

    I feel better now.

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    • Are you a business person? If so, what business school taught you that you don't have to buy advertising?

      And why is Adwords a joke? I used it for years and got a good return.

      " ranks well on all the major search engines, and doesnt even show up on Google"

      Stupid me, didn't own any Google stock until recently, but I've been a heavy daily user for years as well as being a Google advertiser. It gives me better results for my needs than anything else I've used.

    • Well .... lets see your site, how about a link?

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