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  • rickthejungleboy rickthejungleboy Jun 30, 2005 4:39 PM Flag

    $831,600 BY INVESTING ONLY $39,880

    On Sep 2nd 1997 if you had bought a 1000 shares of YHOO at the closing price of $39.88,
    today you will be sitting at $831,000 with 24,000 shares. YHOO had 5 split's since Sep 02, 1997.
    Imagin with a better company like GOOG, how much will you have 5 to 8 years from now.
    Wait for the big wave, it's coming. It's GOOG wave. it will wipe out all the short guys because they will be out of breath. GOOG wave is coming and it's very high.

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    • I think what primaleye means that every time people search something by clicking on google, google gets pay from the sponsors especially the big enterprises shown on the very first result page (I just happened to watch CNBC and other TV News this afternoon and found out this).

    • you all buy sneakers by using google ?????
      wow, to what bunch of fruitcakes to you belong ?

    • so why do you write "everytime when people search" ?

      do you try to pump by posting such a crap ?

    • don't know about you but when I want to buy something, say a sneaker I know the style, I go type it into google. That's what everyone I know does and the fact that ebay uses GOOG for listings proves it.

    • Agree with ya there bud...people who hold goog for 5 to 8 years are the smart ones..a lot of people will get out a long the way but the best thing to do with this stock is just invest in it and pack it away at least until the roaring 2010's.

    • You are so right. The consumers like us don't have to pay a cent. But others pay to have their service/ business listed. That's the end of the story. Happy trading.

    • The point is - dell is finally successful. GTW, IBM, DIGITAL and numerous other failed and shut down. That translates into whatever valuation DELL has and I am not saying that DELL is worth investing at this point. It may have been in the past, but at that time no one knew the future. No one knew that DELL will emerge successful and IBM, COMPAQ, DIGITAL and gtw would fold down. So you would have to be lucky to be in DELL at that point.

      Problem with GOOG is that it is THE MARKET. It does not have to take any marketshare from anyone. Question is , how much will their market grow ? It is a mature marketplace and CANNOT grow more than the economy itself. We have been using web now for more than a decade. We do not have to click on a google ad to find something we want.

      I understand this is an advertising company and successful one, but that does not mean it should be worth anymore than a usual business is.

      I understand mania begets mania and it is tricky to pick turning point. But final goal of trading is to pick those critical moments and I am betting now is the time. If not today then Jul 22.

    • what a nonsense do you tell here ? 99% of all searches are free and nobody pays anything.

    • the reason you'll never get it is because every time a new rule breaker type company starts to rise in the markets, the same kind of crap is said about it and after a while, you hear this kind of thing repeatedly and realize it doesn't mean sh!t.

      For example, you are using DELL as real company (worth investing in) but presumably GOOG is not. You obviously were not investing in DELL in the 90s. Dell was REPEATEDLY scorned as nothing more than a whitebox PC maker, with no intellectual property of their own. When DELL first hit a market cap of over 37 billion, this was about 8 years ago, the shorts were screaming like a bunch of crazed banshees.

      Same old story, every new paradigm company.

    • This is a better example than my purchase of 3 shares of brk in 1980 for 700.00 now worth 250,000.00 today.Micro has far more in common with goog than Buffet's brk. Good point. Is goog as revolutionary as Bill Gates' corporate plan in 1997?

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