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  • doNOTplayME doNOTplayME Nov 8, 2005 9:12 PM Flag

    So when do I buy PUTS?

    GOOG has managed to smash all the bad news on the side and still rise and rise. Today's just a little bump. Anyone buying PUTS, and what price and expiration?

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    • Google is a big leader in the expected Nov/Dec rally. Many Hedge fund Managers need this expected rally.

      I don't expect it to tank in the next month. A $5-10 drop in a few days would be healthy for the stock. It creates additional entry points for buyers.

      But history has shown something better or in favor always takes its place.


      Google will be under pressure to show what its doing with all its $$$. News about click fraud has been kept out the TV news.

      I would'nt buy puts until after next earnings call rally going into tthe spring when seasonal slowdown and serious profit taking should occur.

      I expect another blow out earnings call since energy prices are up and internet sales should be good year end.

    • Start buying puts at when stock at 395 and 397.50 .... this stock has ALWAYS wetn down after getting near 400, 300 and 200 ...

      This Summer went down 10%+ THREE times ...

      I have puts from 370 to 430 .... will dump all for 200%+ profit around 370 or 380 depedning on market

    • The Nov 380 puts are probably the best buy at the moment, but be aware they expire next Friday. My opinion is the GOOG will correct quickly (next few days) to about $360, putting them $20 in-the-money + any time value remaining. I would however continue to hold any shares held long and ride out the bumps, just in case this scenerio doesn't play out.

    • wish i bought puts in march 2000 when my jnpr went from 240 to 25. That was based on no earnings and a different time although shorts here think its all the same. I may buy the nov 350 for 5 cents for fun....but never again will i let a large gain go bye...bye.......that would be under 350 with goog.

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