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  • cruisetillthetiresfalloff cruisetillthetiresfalloff Nov 29, 2005 7:37 PM Flag

    GOOG isn't a company anymore. It's a

    piece of paper (or more accurately a computer entry) that people have fun trading. Sort of like baseball cards.

    There is very little inherent value in GOOG the company. The value and fun is what you can get the next sucker to pay for it.

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    • People fighting here seem they control the up or down of the stock.

      I saw 50k shares sold or brought, that is $2 million on one trade, you or me or any body on this board can not do that for sure. This is the big guy's game, we retail folks just watch and play with them, folow the trend. It is toward the end of the year and the big guys need to show their bosses or clients what they got for the year, taking some profit on the table to please them, nothing changed.

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