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  • maxhubris maxhubris Dec 5, 2005 9:28 PM Flag

    and I used my house to buy this POS!!

    I refi'd my house again and used the balance of my 125% Home eq loan, with max margin, to get in near the top. Everyone said it would be $500 by last month. I am upside-down on everything I own, even my house has lost value recently.
    Got a margin call by e-mail after the close. "Place additional funds...or we will close the position." I will lose my house, both SUVs, the boat, ATVs, and the bikes. I have been leveraging my house to the max for the past few years and have really enjoyed life. Pulled hundreds of thousands of $$'s out and spent it...lately even "borrowed" some from the kid's college fund, figuring with GOOG I could easily pay it back!
    At every party I went to, people said it was foolish to pay off my house and it was smart to refi every year, etc...and the banks and T.V. ads all pushed, "Why have all that stupid equity tied up in your home, when you can enjoy life!" This is fun, NOT!!

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