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  • pfe_long pfe_long Dec 20, 2005 10:38 PM Flag

    All you long dreamers out there ...

    Don't buy calls - will you? I would really hate to see what could happen to you. Some rocket scientist here actually proposed buying a 2008 leap on Google for like $46. Are you guys nuts???? What's wrong with you.

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    • thanks for reminding us about the dot com bubble. I think we all forgot about that. phew. Where would we be without the knowledgeable posters on these message boards

    • Were you trading in the markets back in 1999-2000?

      GOOGs price is a search for telecom/fiber optic stocks.

      There were stocks that had higher relative prices than GOOG and many went under, many are 2,3,5 you need some examples?

      One thing we know is the MEAN will always catch up to stocks. GOOG and its lofty PE will continue until one earnings period where growth slows. When that is who knows, but when it happens, the stock will quickly or slowly regress back to the mean.

      It WILL happen, the question is when not IF.

    • Just like you many posters on this board have the opinion that goog will go back down to $200/s. But if you look at Yahoo and NASD stats, more than 75% of goog shares are holding by big institutions. Would they let goog go down?

      Many posters also said the shorts will get the price down. But the shorts only count 3% of the float.

    • What general strike do you play when you buy puts?

      I notice you gotta go in the money 10 plus bucks to make puts/calls worth it to gain from a 2-3 pt move in the stock.

      Such premium in GOOG options, it is fuqing crazy.

    • Your example of comparing the market cap of GE to Google is nonsensical. An example of priced to perfection means a lot of people people believe just what you stated "Google grows at 100% " like it's a forever deal and like another poster stated "that the stock will go up $100 every time earnings are released"

    • Don't get me wrong. I am with you in the new internet ad model, direct advertising, personalized advertising and all the other non-sense that might get thrown in our way. The ad market is not that big to reward GOOG with a market cap at over $200B.

      Then you run into the issue of not all media is the same dilemma. GOOG's market is unproven and is not as big as people make it out to be.

      Trade short-term....for now on the short side. Don't hold any position over night and don't trade before 10 am.

    • Friday it was due to pinning, and today there was a data feed problem.

      What you see most of the time when that happens though is good old fashion manipulation. Like it or not...Personally it has helped me. Although last Tue. it hurt a bit..

      Be good.


    • Thanks! I played VLO short term last two weeks. But goog has so much movement up and down. It is great for short term trading.

      Can someone tell why the bids are higher than the asks today almost all days?

    • So, impress us...where is it?
      Where is it going???
      What will the internet mean in 08?

      I think the internet will be everything and I root for ebay, yhoo and anyone else...

      Newspapers, and television news staions will be history. Hell, you computer will be your TV in 2 years....

      Fill me in on your great insight....please I need it!!!!!!!!!

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