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  • sweetisomer sweetisomer Jan 9, 2006 9:22 PM Flag

    Sergey sells 125,000 shares on 1/5

    If I understood the Form 4 correctly, Sergey sold 125,000 shares on 1/5 at aroung $445. I wonder whether he knows something or whether he just needs to divest? The Form 4 was released today.

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    • probably have a point there. These guys are getting a pretty big piece of the pie but they have generated a boatload of value for their shareholders so far. God knows their are tons of arguements for and against whether or not these levels are justifiable and sustainable but thats probably for another thread.
      Thanks for the well thought out comments.

    • of course. still I personnally calculate the amount it would cost the company to buy back shares to avoid dilution. I believe a company should generate at least 10 times the cash involved in avoiding dilution. otherwise i believe that the management is taking too big a share of the pie. just an opinion.

    • I don't dispute they are being paid very well with these options. But the stock (by way of options) they are receiving didn't cost Google anywhere near the amount that the executives are now selling at. That is the beauty of options as compensation when a companies stock is skyrocketing. Google has probably been holding most of these shares since inception if not all of them.

    • A voice of reason.....hopefully it..whatever can see the light. You are absolutely correct.

    • Fine, I accept that all of your premises are true and I am still willing to take the risk.

      What more do you need to post?

    • may be it is standard practice, but please take into account the amounts involved and compare them with todays financials.
      7 Million new shares! $ 3 B..... to be compared with last Q 300 M profit!

    • that the timing of all events lead to a major fraud,

      false rumours, six analyst pumping, questionable revenue that came out of nothing, from 0 to a few billion revenue.
      massive bailing,

      The google movie is going to be the opposite of the msft movie.

      How many shares did Sergey sell, and how much is he still holding in total.
      How many shares did all the executives sell from their total position.

      Even that apollo fund has done massive selling.

      More than 10 million insiders shares were sold lately, thats pretty much on a 290 million float.
      A very BIG RED FLAG.

    • As much as I think this hype is over valued the trolls here need to realize the shares sold by the founders is a tiny tiny percent of what they own.

      In fact they arent even drawing a salary, they get paid through their stock.

      Of course I wish I had 30 Billion of GOOG I could dump onto the market at my leisure

    • If I knew where to go to get that old of info I would. But I know it to be true because I invested in MSFT and Intel back in the 80s and 90s and remember reading about the same type of activity in their 10k reports. If you don't believe me....look it up yourself. I really don't feel obligated to do your DD.

    • I hate to be redundant but while this seems like a lot to us, it is not to them. They will get far more zero cost options to replace these shares and then some. This is standard practice. I know there are some on this board (it..whatever) who refuse to acknowledge this but it is true.

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