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  • germantrader71 germantrader71 Jan 18, 2006 6:55 AM Flag

    Stifel Nicolaus downgrades to sell

    eRational Exuberance - Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire;
    Lowering to Sell
    Scott W. Devitt (703) 392-4844
    Marla A. Block (703) 392-4033
    � We believe Google is an outstanding company; however, we believe its
    shares are overvalued. We are lowering our rating on Google shares to
    Sell from Hold based on four factors � (1) we have historically noted
    Google's excessive valuation but maintained a Hold due to continued
    momentum and positive sentiment, (2) sell side expectations and ratings
    have risen throughout 2005 to the point that we now believe will limit
    upside potential, (3) Yahoo!'s results last evening broke the sector
    momentum and sentiment which should now force investors to focus
    more on what these businesses are worth rather than where the stocks
    may be going, and (4) unsustainable PPC pricing.

    As of yesterday's close, Google had an enterprise value approaching 3x that of Yahoo!. In after hours trading, Yahoo!
    was down 12% and Google was down 3%, further widening the gap. We are comfortable in our belief that Google is
    not worth three times Yahoo!. Also, we are uncertain as to a fair value for Google; however, we are comfortable
    believing it is well below $142 billion (307 million fully diluted shares * $465).

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    • Yeah, that was a really smart comment...

      I guess now it's my turn to say at least we didn't go North against South like you guys...

      Dude, what exactly was your point? You probably don't even know. Just a little frustrated about not getting out while it was still time...

      Guess I am the one making better decisions after all.

    • German ...yeah give us your history lessons bub guys have really made great decisions over the past 100 yrs . sig this and that !

    • LOL you got to be kidding me. This fucking jerk missed the boat @125 so now he gets balls @ 400+ lol. These guys kill me......

      • 1 Reply to qwzine
      • this asshole is going from a hold ( always means a sell in wall st terms ) to a what changed he always was a sell ........jerk trying to make a onetime call to make his career ..Hell who ever heard of his company .....Yahoo misssed numbers so smoke means fire .ok ......then that applies to every sector .......This jerk isnt consistent !GM has smoke so sell toyota or Nissan or Mercedes ,,,,,,,,,,,,Asshole never had a buy on google only hold .means he never had a buy on google so now after being wrong for so long trying to make a name .cant stand jerkoffs imho like him NO BALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lou .

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