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  • itm2000 itm2000 Jan 18, 2006 8:39 AM Flag


    Here's where you cash in all the puts I've been telling you all to accumulate ALL ALONG THE WAY. Hopefully, as I've always recommended in nearly every posting, you accumulated puts when they were the cheapest (when GOOG showed strengths). You also know why I said to get out of ALL JAN calls two weeks ago and to stay at or under 510 on calls if you buy any in the FEB and MAR months... because there is enough time left on them so as to come back around...and they will do so VERY HARD, just like the shares of GOOG will. Meanwhile, bag the gains on puts now by cashing them in. This is that rtainy day I've always told you to plan for. It is a MINOR blip on a HUGE screen of success!

    We may really streak back up suddenly at any time....such as when CNBC interviews the YHOO CEO. He has admitted that GOOG has kicked their ass!! And THAT is their biggest problem! Competiotion is also INTC's biggest problem and even INBM's, but, that said, NONE of those 3 companies are doing badly!! They are doing WELL! This is a crazy, animalistic, overreaction based, mainly, on a bunch of psychosis and NOT reality!

    By all accounts, with channel checking, etc, etc, etc....even by the admission of YHOO's OWN CEO...GOOG is going to deliver BLOW OUT NUMBERS on the top and bottom lines in their upcoming earnings report. And the writing will be on the wall that this stock is going to be seeing a share price of $1300 before DEC 31, 2006.

    I'm going to be BUYING to add to my shares and my call positions after this settles...if it didn't already. And, to me, it appears we have hit bottom some time ago on GOOG and the futures and are coming back up slowly but surely.

    I am glad that I rolled out of ALL Jan call option positions during the first week of JAN and accumulated more calls out farther ahead that at no higher than 500 strikes.

    I'm glad that I've accumulated a TON of puts over the last few months bit, by bit, and increased my hedges last week by changing my 95% bullish/5% bearish stratergies to 80% bullish/20% bearish strategies. I'll create a lot of cash from the sale of my puts which I can use to buy more GOOG shares and calls at fire sale prices.

    I will possibly create more cash by writing covered and/or naked call options as well as (ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE) writing puts at key points along the way of this roller coaster.

    GOOG is clearly being slammed and downgraded for no VALID reasons whatsoever! But, this TOTAL overreaction will enable me and anyone else to come through this AHEAD of the game, let alone being unscathed by applying all available strategies such as the ones I outlined above.

    Everyone should fully understand how to use a full battery of all types of options and how welcoming and advantageous VOLATILITY is to the option trader!

    This is a REAL FIRE SALE that is, however, based on an UNREAL FIRE...IN OTHER WORDS A FALSE ALARM!!!

    Reality is this: GOOG is shutting all competitors down. Handily

    And, insofar as Tokyo is concerned, WHO CARES!! It has NOTYHING to do with GOOG or US markets AT ALL! They are spooked by a few scandals on 1 or 2 companies over there and that is IT!

    We longs can come through this BETTER THAN BEFORE!

    Good Luck and Happy Trading!! HANG IN THERE!!


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