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  • im_too_hipp im_too_hipp Jan 18, 2006 1:26 PM Flag


    And why wouldn't you keep some puts just in case this is alittle more serious than your "expert" mind tells you?

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    • in_too_hip::::

      itm2000 has a proven record. As far as I can tell, your only record is to make sarcastic comments about those with whom you disagree.

      At any rate, make your bets, and we will make ours. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, and when Google announces on Jan 31 that earnings have quadrupled for the year over 2004, we will see what the stock price does. I am sure there will be plenty of chances for you to short again, especially after earnings, but I do not think now is the time to remain short.

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      • I posted this already, but I'll repeat it since there are so many posts here...

        The thing that is BS about itm2000's post is the following:

        "I'm glad that I've accumulated a TON of puts over the last few months bit, by bit, and increased my hedges last week by changing my 95% bullish/5% bearish stratergies to 80% bullish/20% bearish strategies. I'll create a lot of cash from the sale of my puts which I can use to buy more GOOG shares and calls at fire sale prices."

        ANY "TON of PUTS" YOU HAVE BEEN "ACCUMULATING" OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS ARE WORTHLESS!! You'd have to have bought them when GOOG was at $400 or even lower if you bought them "over the last few months" !!

        You are so full of it! You come off like you know every move this stock is going to make.


        You've been calling for a run up of from $470-$500 a share for the last couple weeks!

        I just hope none of the "home gamers" out there, like idiot Cramer calls them, are trading solely on your advice!

        Now you say it's going to $1300 a share by 12/31/06!!!! You've lost ALL credibility!

        BTW, I'm expecting your groupies to start calling me an idiot etc. That's fine, as long as they start thinking for themselves!

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