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  • i_am_ballsdeep_in_your_wife i_am_ballsdeep_in_your_wife Jan 21, 2006 3:34 PM Flag



    class family man/woman who owns most of the open market shares on this stock now. it's great for me to know that they are the ones who will be getting wiped out financially. i am so sick & tired of the middle class fuck, with a 90% mortgage, 2 financed suv's, a financed harley, boat, and pool, getting in my way! there has not been a great investment opp in real estate, or stocks for about 2 years now because of all these middle class fucks who have a little financed/equity cash who are in there trying to be investors. FUCK EM! time for the inevitable to happen as it always does! time for them to get wiped out so that those of us with the REAL cash, and wealth can resume grabbing the deals out there!


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    • I've said my piece. Google is worth 75 bucks, they earned that. The other 400 was hype, and hype doesn't keep forever.

    • LOL, yep. And after the three crashes I've lived through I should know better than to try to talk to the geniuses during the run-up. Everybody knows geniuses don't need advice.

    • 1/2 of that was due to yhoo, i was only talking about friday. we get those yhoo points back easy. if you don't think 4th qtr #s are monster, go ask the yhoo ceo why they missed. or ask ebay's about her higher cpc rates.

      and yes, 8.5% down for friday sucks balls, but for all the negatives it could have been much worse. trading in the 470s weeks before earnings was a bit much, but if goog was really a bubble, it would have popped.

      goog can make back 50 points in a week, it's done it before, and with such a hard take down and great #s coming, it will happen again

    • Oh, boy. You're not listening at all. I was in bonds in 2000, the internet stocks were all selling at 100x earnings, just like Google is now.

      And everybody was a market genius, and it was gonna be different that time. It's different this time too. Say goodbye to your dough kid.

    • Down 16% in a week, and that's what you call strong? What would a weak stock do? Are you trying to make money, or trying to lose it slowly?

    • you're right, i should be buying those economic leaders like gm and ge. those valuations look sweet, why are they so cheap? oh yeah, they disappoint on earnings day

      massive volume, horrible market, "bubble" fears, doj, iran, and the best the shorts had was an 8.5% takedown. all things considered, that's pretty weak. goog is strong, you'll see on the 31st. just like you've seen every other earnings day

    • Well, I hope it works out. Just please remember everybody was a brilliant investor in 1999 too. They all had some special insight. For that matter, everybody was a brilliant investor before black Tuesday in 1987, too. The market only went up. And everybody is a brilliant investor today. That's what time it is again.

      When it falls apart, don't start saying "nobody could have known." Lots of us know, and we're trying to tell you.

    • Business model or not, as someone said earlier today Google could take *all* the advertising revenue in the country, remain free of competitors, and *still* be overpriced. They're selling for more than 20x sales.

      You've been had. Wake up and smell the roadkill while you can still get 400 from some sucker.

    • Shorts always live in the past because they have no vision.

    • or you miss out on the company that revolutionizes how the advertising business model works because your calendar still says 2001

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