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  • bikinghawk bikinghawk Jan 25, 2006 7:35 PM Flag

    Our President and Spying on Americans

    "Now, by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires-a wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way. When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so. It's important for our fellow citizens to understand, when you think Patriot Act, constitutional guarantees are in place when it comes to doing what is necessary to protect our homeland, because we value the Constitution."

    This was said way before the warrantless spying began and now they want to know how you think next. I could have sworn that that is what the Russian Commies where all about or the Corporate Facists in Germany and Italy.

    I don't believe Americans will stand for this.


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    • A vast majority of those jobs were lost in 2001-2002 thanks to the Clinton recession and 9/11, again thanks Bill. IF you know you have a disease and you shouldn't be driving yet you get in a car anyway and kill someone, that is murder in my eyes. More people in America own their own home than ever before. You are a victim of the liberal media and don't even know it.

    • Employment numbers don't include those not looking for work or unemployment insurance ran out. More jobs lost since Bush took office ever.
      most poor in history 42million Americans. highest deaths among infants, etc.
      Back to Kennedy again; one track mind you guys have. The AMA classifies alcoholism as a disease but again you post no credible links for your smears.
      need to go attend to the family and eat dinner.
      may get back later but i do hope you do some fact finding instead of sounding like a Rush L. shrill.


    • Yeah 4.9% employment and and a 4% growth rate in spite of Katrina and Rita are pretty insane especially compared with the recession Bill left us with. Somehow liberals like you always fail to mention Americans are the richest they have ever been. Employment is at record highs. 30% of firms plan to hire next year. Nagin and Bianco are just as responsible for the fiasco in N.O. as Bush. If you think the Dems are more pure than Reps you are pretty naive. Kennedy even admitted he was driving that night and then didn't report the accident or go back to the scene of the accident until the next morning. Having lost several family members to drunk drivers, believe me that is murder.

    • One point. The subject is the current admin. Ted Kennedy was smeared I believe its 40 YEARS AGO. I have yet to see evidence of any murder by Kennedy? Please provide credible data. Bush I prop.ed up Sadam with chemical weapons and Clinton had to deal with it. The UN dismantled Iraqs WMD's. But thats history.
      We now have lies, money to the tune of $2,000,000,000,000 for the Iraq fiasco, Large budget deficits, Katrina respond and the admin. trying to cover it up(Brown), global warming and other science ignored or omitted, etc. The repubs control the house , the senate, the court and the executive with cronyism beyond belief. No, For many years now its the current people who must take responsibility for their crimes, ignorance, incompetence and bribery.
      I think most are repubs and a few dems but I think more dems are honest or at least logical and competent. Clinton was at the least a Rhoades scholar with great economic results. What we have now is almost insane.


    • Let's see O'Reilly reaches what one/tenth of the people Dan Let me make up the news Rather used to reach and still reaches on 60 Minutes. If you think the media treats Bush with kid gloves go see how they treated their darling Bill or how about that murderer Ted Kennedy. When was the last time you saw Mary Jo mentioned in USA today or the times? Osama first attacked the US in 93. Clinton had him and didn't have the guts to take him out. Cunningham is just another scum bag politician. There are just as many scummy Dems as Reps.

    • What liberal media? Do you mean drug crazed Rush Limbaugh or that pervert Bill O'reilly?
      Unfortunately there is no unbiased news media; its called entertainment to make the corporation ratings and money. yahoos yelling and people watch that so they don't have to think. The news agenda always kid gloves' Bush and smears his opposition with omissions and other lies. Osama gets away and Chenny and Haliburton get rich. Follow the money.
      Duke Cunningham bribed by the war industry.
      That should be historical news IMHO.


    • Oh, I think you are the ones that are brainwashed, thinking whatever the liberal media says you should think. Lay, Abramhoff, and all associated with Abramoff including the Senate minority leader should be sent packing. Jail for some. Resignation for others. If that includes Bush so be it.

    • Who said I would vote for her? And what does she have to do with Ken Lay, Bush, Abramhoff.
      You rightwing nuts are so brainwashed you can't tell your a*s from a hole in the ground.


    • bikinghawk, why don't you go throw some fresh crack into your pipe.

      If clowns like you spent half as much energy supporting our leaders as you do on wild conspiracy theories, we might actually give our kids a chance in the next 50 years.

      You and your pals are the problem, so go back to the ganja and stop making up sh*t.

      • 1 Reply to oracle_mkt_timing
      • Sorry kid but I don't do drugs unlike our president and probably you since you brought it up.
        It amazes me how uninformed and so easily conned by snake oil salesmen like the politicians. I am not liberal, conservative, or any other label you wish to throw out.
        The evidence is there and if you google the information you too can become enlighted without drugs of any kind.
        I would not support people who lie and our current leaders seem to have trouble with being honest.
        Try googling Randy Duke Cunningham, or Rove and Fitzgerald.

        Wise up

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