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  • godowngodown godowngodown Feb 2, 2006 6:40 PM Flag



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    • pullmyphynger,

      Looks like your prediction of 420-430 today was way, way off! About 40 bucks off!

      As much as you tear into itm2000 the second that he missed a call, maybe you ought to take a look at your own calls before you criticize others! Ya think?!


    • iknowwaymorethanyoudoahole iknowwaymorethanyoudoahole Feb 6, 2006 11:03 AM Flag

      that's the "fake" itm2000 you dim wit.

    • different... ittrn is making fun of itm..... just copying and repasting stuff that itm said in some bizarre attempt at humor I think.

    • I was duped! Sentiment still there, though

    • ALTER EGO!!!

    • Someone straighten me out:



      Two different posters? Same poster?

    • Check your eyes -- this last "itm2000" is a fake poster.

      His ID is a clever "ittrn2000" look-a-like for the real itm2000 and was created just over two weeks ago.

    • he may be the same person as that gin soaked beau guy who praises itm.

    • I knew we couldn't go a whole day without more keyboard diarrhea from itm2000. Thank you for confiming my belief that GOOG will continue upward. The minute you go long again I will immediately go short again. You have been awesome! You called the top at 475 when you said 90/10 call/put, and you called the bottom at 380 when you turned strong sell.

      You are clearly insane and a great contrarian indicator, Thanks again!!


    • GOOG is far too precarious. I am expecting the stock to drop below 349 at this point.

      As I said in my last post, I am crossing over into a situation where I am starting to make more money and/or percentage gains (leverage) on my bearish strategic positionings than I am on my bullish ones with GOOG. Since December, I've jumped quickly on sudden opportunities to capitalize on (and hedge against) downswings that have, inadvertantly, ended up paying off (looking back) better and better and more quickly and in large unexpected quick gains.

      Here's the deal....we have a situation with GOOG, it appears, whereby it looks like it may take an ENORMOUS effort to PUSH AND PUSH AND LIFT this stock up to even the 425-435 areas that I started projecting a day os so ago. A MAJOR effort right now. also appears that THE SLIGHTEST TINIEST FEATHER-WEIGHT LITTLE EFFORT MAY knock this thing down HARD and FAST as it has down twice since Jan 19 and did, to a lesser degree, today at the EOD. Upward momentum at this time is showing TREMENDOUS strain, while downward momentum can happen in a SNAP. That is a VERY tenuous say the least.

      We are in a NEWS DRIVEN MARKET. On top of that, we have a FED tightening the screws to a point where we have seen a rather f%#ked up market for years and now we WERE looking at a chance to end all this shit UNTIL the threat of inflation (energy and global economics contributing) was suddenly heightened by the possibility of a heating up job market, as the unemployment numbers are out tomoorrow...and they are now a MAJOR, MAJOR cause for concern to markets because they could spell MORE rate hikes than anticipated. Last year, in January, the FED minutes were released in JAN and they spelled doom for the whole year...which is EXACTLY what we got....a LOUSY year....with FY E/Rs now showing how lousy a year it was. GOOG cannot be expected to have the ENORMOUS thrust it needs in order to lift its head off the pavement and advance to even the 420s and 430s while the DOW AND THE NAZ AND THE S&P are all bleeding STREAMS OF RED NUMBERS ACROSS THE TICKER. Another triple digit DOW deline tomorrow and I guarantee you we will see the NAZ in the upper two digit REDs and the S&P into double digit REDs as well.....and GOOG will NOT fare well in this.

      Meanwhile, who knows which direction wins. It could be a very big spike or drop. To that end, I find myself (insofar as options go, anyway) at a much higher general put/call ratio than I've had for a LONG time.


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