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  • itm2000 itm2000 Feb 23, 2006 9:28 AM Flag


    [And, btw, we investors in GOOG since $130 ARE, indeed, still GOOGILLIONAIRES!!]

    We will see the 395-418 area (probably 404-413 more specifically) in the near term.

    Key dates to monitor will be March 1, 2 and 3 as well as April 18, 19, 20, and, especially, April 21 for several reasons. Because GOOG's E/R will undoubtedly be on Thursday, April 20, April 21 will present a VERY excellent and rare option squeeze opportunity that could be similar to Jan 20 this year and Octoner 20 last year. BTW, the EBAY and YHOO E/Rs will probably be on April 18 and 19.

    We have little resistance above us. Strong support in the 356-366 area.

    Key thing is: We have gone from a VERY negative sentiment and publicity environment into a NEUTRAL sentiment with signs of a more and more positive sentiment starting to become visible and with it a return of upward volume will be inevitable. So, you want to be positioning yourself back IN. The move up could be sudden and sharp to the 380-400 area.

    I am more bullish (though not with as much committed capital) on GOOG than I have been since last October with almost NO downside hedges in place at this moment.


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    • I miss the happier days of yore.

    • I miss the happier days of yore.

    • Did somebody call?

    • Where's dancho? Calling all international itm2000 fans and your hilarious remarks!

      "There are a few other clever minds on the board but you seem to be the one touched by the hand of God.

    • This is the exact kind of reckless irresponsibility I'm talking about. GOOG is more than double the price it should be in order to be at fair value. It makes me feel sad seeing the pump and hype continue, these hypsters and pumpers carelessly leading more and more investors to ruin as GOOG declines to its true value at 100 dollars a share.

    • according to the guy on cnbc, it's undervalued. i'm buying the calls from here. good luck to you.

    • wrgoogle::::::::::

      Nice goals, my friend! Nice goals!

      I know you'll continue to do well and realize all of those goals. Just keep re-impelling them in your mind...stay focused on them...write them down and refer to them often, etc. Amazing how fast one can reach goals by mere focus alone.

      Always nice to have targets and goals, isn't it.

      Take care.......


    • This is a good point is there ever a end to ones trading, for myself I have a goal and when I make that mark it will allow me to do more of the things that I truly enjoy in life. Such as being on my 42 foot sail boat down in Mexico and surfing and having my friends come down to visit and the huge one having my daughter come down with her friend or friends.This to me is a real goal and some thing I look foreward to with in the next couple of years..So for me Google is a tool to get to this simple goal and simple way of life..

    • dancho1950:::::::::

      Grerat post!

      Thanks for all your input!

      Glad to see that you're winning on GOOG and winning in your life!

      Keep on winning.........


    • The cockroaches come out at night and scurry about from one grease spot to the next. Even at 2� long, they can walk up walls. I really hate them. I regress�In Oz there is a phenomena called �tall poppy syndrome�. When someone is successful, others try to cut his head off. It could be something as primordial as keying the paint on his Mercedes or more evolved such as character assassination. Such is the case here and it is recalcitrant. It says more about the shortcomings of the author and less of the intended target (itm). I regress again like an alcoholic not satisfied with one. Ok, one for the road�Howard Stern (not a fan) once said that he �was probably the most honest man alive�who else would admit to having a 3� dick?� I cannot top that one except to say when my trades are good, I tell 3 people. When my trades are bad, I tell 9. I don�t cry that Cramer or itm2000 made me do it. Take some responsibility for your own actions guys.
      Now to answer itm2000, your fans are everywhere�it�s true. As for my trading, I was in at $297 some months ago. When I am not greedy, and take $500-$700 on a pump in the first 20-30 minutes of trading, I have added 2% to my balance (not exact figures here). If I do that just 5 times in a year, I have added 10%. Too conservative? Warren Buffet is happy with 20% growth per year and he is the best there is. So�on the other hand, if I do not take profits. If I ride the pump to $900 -$1200 and then back down on the dump because I am hoping for a bounce, I may even see red. And, a gain becomes a loss because I wasn�t happy with $500-$700. It happened to me in the beginning and often but not now. Ok, that�s how I play it. I do not have sophisticated trades with puts and calls as you do. Makes my head hurt thinking about it. I don�t need mega profits. A few years ago, I bought a 12 acre property on the outskirts of Sydney for less than $200,000 AUD (property here is comparable in price to NY or LA). Today, it is worth $800,000 AUD. I am told that it will be worth $1,000,000 AUD in 3-5 years. I'll sell it then and downsize to a flat or maybe two�One for me and one for the Mrs so I can live my remaining years in peace. Anyhow, I am trading Google just to see if I can. No illusions here. 3:50am? I have to get up in 2 hours. Goodnight.

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