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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Mar 2, 2006 8:18 PM Flag

    How bearish is GOOG insider selling????

    Insiders are selling like crazy, telling jokes at their meetings, talking crazy stuff about going into radio, publishing, space travel, and you're still making excuses for them?

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    • Switch positions with them if you can. If you had millions of dollars worth of stock that was given to you for free, would you hold on to all of it? If you say yes, you're either crazy or stupid.

      Who's to say that Google can't come up with some system to dynamically sell commercial time on TV and radio to the highest bidder? Maybe some system where they guarantee the station a specific amount and keep all or some of anything above that amount? That might not work but the point is there's no reason they can't move into other media. TV and radio have moved on to the web so why not have it go the other way?

      Space travel? I don't remember anything about space travel. Refresh my memory.

      And I see nothing wrong with them joking around at the meeting. I've worked for executives that have a sense of humor and some that don't. The ones that do were more successful and easier to work for.

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      • I don't have to imagine switching positions with them. I've been in their position, and the reason you sell is to turn your crappy shares into cash before the market comes to its senses.

        I can't tell you how many cockamamie schemes I heard pitched in the last bubble. Yours is crazier than some, less crazy than others. The key thing is it has nothing to do with the needs of the actual TV and radio *businesses*. It has to do with assuming that Google is going to make lots of money, and letting your imagination take it from there.

        If you haven't yet read the articles about Google's wild talk about getting into space travel, then you just aren't following the stock.

        Joking around at an internal meeting is one thing. Publicly presenting a revenue target so insane that you can't keep a straight face is another.

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