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  • Postcard3720 Postcard3720 Mar 10, 2006 5:03 PM Flag

    when it's this easy and obvious


    12k in the hand is worth some freakie bush!
    too many shorts in the house. Sure this will go easily to the 200s but we're due for a massive squeeze.

    not this out

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    • today i went in and out too quick on the puts.. i could have made more but anyhow luckily got out at the better price than at the close..

      if it's not because of OE, I would have hold my beloved puts going to the earning..

      now, too much shorts here so i feel like we can get knee-jerk affect easily... any good news during the weekends could yield an upside move...

      weekend is here, those weak emotional longs will get out of the panic mode.. i agreed though that the technical indicates downtrend but.. again there's always a surprise... i'm waiting for a better entry point now.. we'll see

    • Short interest is tiny, less than one day's volume.

      Kids, it's ok to bluff once in a while, but when you do nothing but bluff, time after time, the more experienced players just eat you for breakfast.

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